Daily Meditation – Let’s See What Happens!

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation – Let’s See What Happens!

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Let’s See What Happens! (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Welcome back to the present moment, where all of your power lies.

Breathe in and say yes to what is.
Breathe out and welcome what is.

However you feel right now, welcome it. Whatever you’re thinking right now, welcome it.

Breathe in and say yes.
Breathe out and surrender. And feel how much better you feel when you stop resisting what is.

Just surrender. Say it: I surrender.

Breathe in and open up to receiving.
Breathe out and trust the process of life.

When you surrender, not only do you stop your own suffering, but you also make space for miracles and manifestations. And even though it feels like you’re giving up, like there’s nothing you can do, like you want to change things but you can’t—when you feel like there’s just nothing left that you can do to change the situation and you surrender—that’s when life takes care of it for you.

Breathe in and decide to surrender now!
Breathe out and know: you don’t have to wait until you have no other choice but to surrender. You can surrender in every moment, before the contrast gets too high.

You can stay in a state of surrender. And there are so many techniques. You can say yes to what is. You can say thank you. Thank you god for replacing me with you. My personal current favorite is saying, “Let it play!” Whatever it is that’s stressing you out, anything that makes you feel anxious or paranoid:

Breathe in and say, “Let it play!”
Breathe out and step into the observer position just by saying, “Let it play! I’m here to watch. Let’s see what happens. Lets see what happens! Let it play!”

Start feeling confident about life! Life is taking care of you. And if you’re afraid or anxious or paranoid,

Breathe in and let it play.
Breathe out and let’s see what happens!

Even if the worst happens, you can survive. You’ll be fine. But the worst isn’t going to happen. And when you notice anxiety, fear, or paranoia and you say to it, “Let it play. Let’s see what happens”—you take your power back and you co-create with life and then the miracles come! And instead of getting your worst-case scenario, you’ll get a miracle that you never could have expected. Just by surrendering, letting it play, and just seeing what happens!

Breathe in and be playful about life today!
Breathe out and let the miracles come!

They always come when you’re playful! When you have a playful vibration, when you surrender and say, “Let it play. Let’s see what happens,” you can feel that shift in your energy. You start feeling curious and excited about, “Ooh, what could happen if I let this play?” And then life plays with you.

Breathe in and be playful today.
Breathe out and let’s see what happens!

Any time you notice that anxiety, fear, paranoia, or you’re just resisting things as you normally would as you go about your day, say to yourself, “Let it play. Let’s see what happens.” Because life takes care of life. Everything is happening in your favor. And when you let go, it flows!

Breathing in, let it play!
Breathing out, let’s see what happens!


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