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Remember what you already know with this large format poster of images from my daily meditation videos. Each square depicts a different spiritual concept or technique to train one’s focus and mental discipline. Open up to receiving with these visual bookmarks of bliss!


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Conscious Creation

My wife Kelly Cree and I co-founded the School of Life Design, where you can enjoy the magick of the mind with manifestation journals, books and zines.

The Popular Podcast

Kelly and I produce a weekly webshow documenting our daily lives with nine years of episodes!

Guided Meditation

I record Youtube videos that help me love myself and not give a fuck. Watch them here.

Words Become Flesh

I write daily spells to make new neural pathways, distill bigger epiphanies into articles and transmute my problems in my subscriber-only diary. Sign in here!
Jessica Mullen

Three Years Sober!

Just last night I dreamt that I “gave in” and had some sort of whiskey and coke cocktail. Whenever I start drinking in my dreams, I feel disappointed in myself but a little relieved. I no longer have to keep up this charade! But inevitably panic creeps in as I ...
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1000 days sober

1000 Days Sober

Alcohol used to be the biggest part of me. Today I am 1000 days, or 2.74 years sober. The cravings have mostly passed. Moving to a new city was hard at first, because I had a lot of fear that would have been neatly hidden away with a few shots ...
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Dear Diary [x]

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Welcome New Members! [x]

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