Daily Meditation – Face How You Feel

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation – Face How You Feel

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Face How You Feel (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Welcome back to the present moment, where all of your power lies!

Breathe in and slow down.
Breathe out and relax your body.

Ask yourself, right now, “What am I feeling?”

Breathe in and notice what you’re feeling.
Breathe out and pay attention to the sensations in your body.

Just before I sat down to record this, I was feeling very irritated and angry. And it felt like a knot of rope going from my stomach up to my head, twisting. Getting more and more taut and it just might snap.

Breathe in and ask yourself, “What am I feeling inside?”
Breathe out and pay attention to those sensations of what you feel.

What you feel is Self knowledge. What you feel is what you know. It’s the truth. Allow yourself to pay attention to your feelings in your body, and deliberately feel them. And then they’ll pass and you’ll feel better. And you won’t have to bottle them up or escape them.

Breathe in and keep feeling for your feelings.
Breathe out and notice what it feels like.

That anger, that irritation, feeling like a twisting taut rope. It turns and turns and churns my guts. Pulling on my brain. Making me grit my teeth. Tenser and tenser.

Breathe in and notice what you’re feeling in your body.
Breathe out and keep feeling those feelings.

What does it feel like in your stomach? In your chest, in your heart, in your throat, in your head, in your face? Where do you hold this emotion?

Breathe in and face how you feel.
Breathe out and enjoy feeling your feelings.

Feeling your feelings is how you become more resilient. It’s how you let them go so you don’t have to resort to addictive behaviors to escape your feelings. And it’s just discomfort in our bodies that we hate so much. We don’t want to feel this tension. We don’t want to feel these clenched teeth. We want to feel relaxed and joyful. And when you allow yourself to feel your feelings, the feelings will pass in 90 seconds and you’ll return to your natural state of love and joy and contentment. Until you think a triggering thought again, but that’s a whole different story.

Breathe in and be willing to ride the wave of emotion.
Breathe out and feel confident today.

You are resilient. You know how to feel your feelings and let them go. You don’t have to escape your feelings. You don’t have to bottle them up and pretend they’re not there. You feel them, you let them go, you move on.

Breathe in and be light today!
Breathe out and say, “I don’t give a fuck! I’ve let that shit go!”

This is the best day of your life! And by feeling your feelings and letting them go, you will feel so light and so free and so resilient. And life already is the way you want it to be.


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