Daily Meditation – Free Yourself From Lack

Daily Meditation – Free Yourself From Lack

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Free Yourself From Lack (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Let those thoughts go.

Breathe in and remember only your thoughts make you feel bad.
Breathe out and know your psychological suffering is coming from within.

Today, stand up to your thoughts. Surrender them. Let go.

Breathe in and ask yourself, “Am I aware?”
Breathe out and answer, “Yes, I am.”

And when I am aware, I have no problems. When I am aware, I am happy because I don’t notice lack.

Today, if you are noticing that you need something to change, that you are missing something, that you’re not getting what you want—know that it’s just your thoughts telling you that. It’s not true. And the only thing missing is awareness or god. And you have access to that right now.

Breathe in and access awareness.
Breathe out and practice the presence of god.

If you’re missing something, if you’re waiting for a call, if there’s unfinished business, if you feel like your ducks aren’t in a row, if you’re wanting something from someone else, notice that you are lacking. And when you are lacking, you’re not aware. You’re not practicing the presence of god.

Breathe in and ask, am I aware?
Breathe out and look within. Yes, I am.

Sometimes if the question, “Am I aware?” has lost its flavor, try asking, “Am I awareness?”

Breathing in, “Am I awareness?”
Breathing out, “Am I awareness?”

Allow yourself to truly investigate these questions in silence, in seated meditation, whenever you get a chance to be still.

Breathing in, “Am I awareness?”
Breathing out, yes, I am awareness.

Do the figure ground reversal of paying attention to objects in your reality to the background of your reality, the awareness, the space in which it all arises. Identify with that space, because that’s who you really are. Everything else is just a passing form, including your thoughts, including your emotions, including your body.

Breathe in and ask, “Am I awareness?”
Breathe out and investigate.

Yes, I am awareness. I am awareness itself. I am the knowing of what’s happening.

Breathe in and identify with awareness.
Breathe out and free yourself from lack.

Free yourself from thinking something’s missing. It’s a clear indication: if you think something’s missing, or you’re waiting to get something, you are not practicing the presence of god. You are not resting as awareness. Today, let that be your cue, your reminder to go back to practicing the presence of god. Every time you’re waiting for that call, you’re waiting for something to get cleaned up, you want something to change so you can relax finally. You have to choose to relax first, and you do that by practicing the presence of god, by simply identifying as pure awareness, that’s all there is to it.

Breathe in and be whole and complete right now, because you’re god.
Breathe out and go back home to your source: pure awareness, stable as you are, one with all that is. Nothing is missing, nothing is lacking. Everything is perfect and in its place.

Breathing in, am I awareness?
Breathing out, yes.

I am the awareness in which everything is arising. I am whole, I am complete, and I am now in the flow.


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