Daily Meditation – Dissolve Your Mind

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation – Dissolve Your Mind

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Dissolve Your Mind (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Relax your body.

Breathe in and open up to receiving.
Breathe out and step into your power today.

Life takes care of life. Everything is unfolding perfectly. In order to become a match to seeing that, just say thank you.

Breathing in, thank you.
Breathing out, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Let life take care of you today. Let everything work out in your favor. Surrender and trust. It really is happening for you.

Breathe in and say thank you for what is.
Breathe out and appreciate exactly where you are.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

As you go about your day, return to thank you whenever you notice your mood dipping, but also allow yourself to surrender your personal thoughts, your desires, your worries.

Identify where your “I” thought is coming from.

Breathing in, I…
Breathing out, I…

Repeat the letter “I” to yourself all day. I… I… I… Let it help you feel your sense of being.

Let it help you notice who you really are by repeating “I” over and over, all other thoughts get dropped and the “I” thought dissolves into the infinite.

Breathe in and become one with the infinite.
Breathe out and surrender, dissolve into the infinite today.

Yes, thank you really helps you feel presence and raise your vibration and and trust that life is working out for you. But remember who you really are. You are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions. And you might wanna use thank you to manifest and get things and make your day feel better. But none of that is really you. And if you wanna know who you really are, hold on to the “I” thought and don’t let it go.

Stick to yourself, don’t let it go.

Breathing in, I… I… I…

Breathing out, I… I… I…

Watch where it rises from. That’s the connection to nothing. That’s the connection to the infinite, absolute.

Breathing in, I.

Breathing out, I, I.

Let it wake you up in the dream. You know who you really are. Pure awareness. Dissolve your personal problem “I” into the infinite God eye.

Breathing in I, I, I…

Breathing out I, I, I…

Let go of all the other thoughts. And just watch where I arises from.

Let yourself relax into the “I”, the infinite “I.” Dissolve your mind. Surrender the thoughts. Let it be easy.

Breathing in, I.
Breathing out, I, I…

Trust. You are God in human form. Trust. You are God itself. Trust. Life is living you and it’s all working out for you. Trust. This is the best day of your life.

Breathing in, yes.
Breathing out, thank you. Thank you. Thank you!


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