Daily Meditation – “I” Is A Thought

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation – “I” Is A Thought

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“I” Is A Thought (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Relax your body.

Breathe in and know you’re in the right place at the right time.
Breathe out and relax.

Let your thoughts go. Relax. Feel for your sense of being right now.

Breathing in, am I here?
Breathing out, yes, I’m here.

Today as you go about your day, keep asking yourself, “Who am I? To whom are these thoughts arising? To whom do these thoughts come? Who am I?”

Breathing in, who am I?
Breathing out, who am I?

Whenever you notice a thought that’s making you suffer or you start to worry or you start to feel pressure about time, take a look at your thoughts and say, “To whom do these thoughts arise? To whom are these thoughts coming? It’s to me. Well, who’s me? Who am I?” And then follow that feeling of I. You know those thoughts came to I, came to me. But who am I? Who is me? Who is this “I”?

Breathe in and look, who am I?
Breathe out and really look: to whom are these thoughts coming? To me.

Who is me? I am. I am. But who is I? Follow that I all the way to the source. Where did that I come from? Where did the thought I come from?

Breathe in and inquire within.
Breathe out and really look: to whom did these thoughts arise? They arose to me. Who am I? Who is me? Who is this I?

Breathe in and investigate.
Breathe out and look right now.

Who is I? Who am I? When you follow the I, it sinks deeper and deeper into your heart and dissolves into the absolute, into the pure awareness. There’s no answer to “Who am I?” because it dissolves into nothing, just the seeing, just the awareness, just the knowing of existence. And when that I arises out of the heart into the mind, it’s just a thought. The letter I that comes when you say, “I feel this, I think that.” That I is a thought. It arises from consciousness and connects with the body, making you feel like you are consciousness trapped in a body, like you are a person trapped in a body and you are mortal and you’re going to die. But if you trace that I thought back to where it came from, the heart center, source, you’ll see it’s not real. It’s an illusion. It’s a thought like everything else you think. I, I, I, it’s a thought. It connects the consciousness to the body but it’s still a thought and it’s still not you.

Breathe in and get some distance from the I thought.
Breathe out and feel some freedom from the I thought.

Ask yourself, “To whom does this pain arise? To me, to I, I feel the pain.” Well, you are the thinker. You are the perceiver of the thought “I feel the pain.” It’s not you feeling the pain. It’s just the I thought that feels the pain. And if you dissolve the I thought, there’s no more pain.

Breathe in and trace that I thought back to source.
Breathe out and dissolve into the infinite.

You can see the body is not you. The pain is not you. The thoughts are not you. You’re the pure awareness. You can identify as that thing who you truly are, the thing that never changes. Pure awareness, I am.

Breathe in and just watch the I thought today.
Breathe out and say to yourself over and over, “I, I, I, I,” to catch it when it comes, to catch those thoughts of, “I’m late. I need to do this. I still need to do this. I’m wondering about this. I wonder what this person thinks.” All thoughts. And the “I” is the thought behind all those thoughts, but it’s still a thought. And you can dissolve it and be free.

Breathe in and see I is just a thought.
Breathe out and be liberated from personhood.

Be liberated from thinking you are I. You’re pure awareness. That’s it. It’s everything.

Breathing in, who am I?
Breathing out, I. I. I. I. I.


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