Daily Meditation – Feel Like God

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation – Feel Like God

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Feel Like God (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Relax your body.

Breathe in and open up to receiving!
Breathe out and smile because life is not serious!

We’re just here for fun. And you are not your body.

Breathe in and lighten up! You’re not your body!
Breathe out and relax. You’re not your body, so you’re never going to die.

You were never born. Your body is just a vehicle. And today, you can get some distance from the thoughts that tell you you are your body.

Breathe in and say I.
Breathe out and notice where I comes from.

When you think the thought, I, where is the I arising from?

Breathe in and notice where the I comes from.
Breathe out and look for the source of that I.

That’s who you really are, the source. You are the infinite. You are divine. Your body is just an expression of god. Temporary. Just for fun.

Breathe in and stop identifying with your body.
Breathe out and start identifying with the source of it all! Because that is you!

Breathe in and notice where I comes from.
Breathe out and watch the I thoughts arise.

I. I. It comes from nowhere. The source of who you really are, pure awareness—it has no qualities. It has no shape. It has no location. Who you really are is infinite. Never born, never going to die. Who you really are is the awareness aware-ing. Knowing what’s happening. That’s who you really are.

Breathe in and be aware that you are aware.
Breathe out and be aware of the source.

Be aware of the source of who you are.

Breathing in, I.
Breathing out, I.

Say it over and over, I, I. Where is that I coming from? It’s not coming from in your body. It’s not coming from in your brain. Just look right now. Think to yourself, I. I. I. I feel cold. I feel impatient. I’m wondering what’s going to happen. I’m thinking about the future. I’m thinking about problems. I.

And every time you think a thought like that, you can have the choice of, “Do I go with the thought of ‘I’m cold’ and believe that and think that I’m the body that’s cold? Or do I watch where that thought came from, do I watch the source where that I thought came from, and identify as that source?”

It’s up to you. You can identify as the infinite or as your body. And today, if you identify as the source, you will no longer suffer. You will be the witness enjoying the play of life. But not attached, not feeling love or hate about all the little things. Not so stuck in your preferences. The preferences are just thoughts you’re attracting.

Breathe in and identify with the I source.
Breathe out and watch that I source.

I. I. Then no matter what happens, you’re fixated on the source. Your attention is on god. It doesn’t matter what happens. Your body will get old. You will get sick. People will die. You’ll win things, you’ll lose things. No matter what happens, you can still feel good and feel like god, just by focusing on the source of the I thought! It’s so simple!

Breathe in and detach from form.
Breathe out and know it’s all in your favor.

We’re just here in this life for fun. We came here for the pleasure, for the joy of having a physical body. But it’s not serious. It’s not a big deal. We can relax and identify as the source. And then we get to watch it like a movie for pleasure, for fun! Instead of being identified with it like it’s so life or death! It’s just not!

Breathe in and look for the source of the I.
Breathe out and keep your attention fixated on that place where the I arises from.

Keep your attention there and your attention will merge with the infinite. Your stressful thoughts will dissolve and you will feel pure love and joy, just about existing. Just because you’re breathing.

Breathe in and feel joyful just because you’re breathing!
Breathe out and detach from all the problems of bodies and forms.

You’re pure awareness. You’re god. You get to have fun now!

Breathe in and stay with the source of the I!
Breathe out and be the all-knowing I.


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