Daily Meditation – TRUST

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation – TRUST

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TRUST (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Let those thoughts go.

Breathe in and wake up in the dream!
Breathe out and surrender those thoughts.

Keep letting them go as they come. Everything that comes to you, open your heart and release it.

Breathe in and be here now.
Breathe out and remember your presence is your super power.

Whatever you’re striving for, whatever you’re struggling to achieve, whatever you want that you think will make you happy—you only want it because you think you’ll feel good when you get it. And you can choose to feel as you would feel if you had what you wanted, right now.

Breathe in and say yes!
Breathe out and say thank you!

Take your mind and thoughts off of this world today. Go within, connect to source, and be the source of all that is good in your life!

Breathe in and smile because smiling feels good!
Breathe out and feel your power growing, getting stronger by the moment, because you are letting go of your awareness of objective experience, turning your attention within to rest on its source, and letting life take care of life.

Breathe in and trust.
Breathe out and let that be your mental code today: Trust.

Whenever things aren’t going your way, say to yourself: Trust. You don’t have to take any action, especially if you don’t feel good. Never take any action out of anxiety or fear or anger.

Breathe in and trust. It’s all happening in your favor!
Breathe out and keep that word on repeat. Trust.

Trust that life takes care of life. Trust that it’s happening in your favor. Trust that even though it’s not how you want it right now, it’s setting up how you do want it in just a few moments. Just relax. Ask yourself, “Am I aware?” And cut off your awareness of any tendrils of problems or worries. Cut them off right now! As soon as you start noticing yourself going down a path of worry, anger, fear, doubt, anxiety—say to yourself, CUT! Cut it! And cut that shit before it grows into a tree!

Breathe in and trust.
Breathe out and know. It’s all happening ing your favor.

Any time today that something happens that you don’t like, tell yourself: “TRUST. It’s happening in my favor.” And once you’ve acknowledged that you are trusting and surrendering, go back to resting as you are. Pure awareness. Just ask, “Am I aware?” Because when I am aware, I have no problems. And stay as you are. Stay as pure awareness. And any time little tendrils of problems start creeping up, cut it before it grows into something real. This is your power and I know that you are strong and powerful today. And everything is perfect and in its place.

Breathe in and trust today.
Breathe out and stay as you are today.

When you are aware, you have no problems. As soon as you notice a problem, cut it off. Go back to asking, “Am I aware?” Because when I am aware I have no problems.

Breathe in and trust it’s all happening in your favor today.
Breathe out and smile because life is on your side.

And life already is the way you want it to be!


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