Daily Meditation – Flip the Switch

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation – Flip the Switch

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Flip the Switch (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Relax your body.

Breathe in and lighten up! It’s not serious!
Breathe out and surrender. Whatever problems you have, it’s time to let them go, because you can never solve the problem while you’re thinking about the problem. You have to raise your vibration to the level of miracles and solutions and then your problems work themselves out. Because life takes care of life.

Breathe in and step into this present moment.
Breathe out and relax. Keep relaxing. Keep relaxing.

It always comes when you’re relaxed. It comes when you don’t need anything. When you’re not waiting for something.

Breathe in and relax.
Breathe out and quit waiting for anything.

Nothing needs to change for you to be completely content, blissful, euphoric. It’s all inside of you!

Breathe in and keep slowing down.
Breathe out and keep relaxing your body.

You’re in the right place at the right time. You’re doing everything right. Everything ever created led up to right now. It’s perfect! It’s perfect. You’re perfect. You don’t have to change anything!

Breathe in and flip the switch!
Breathe out and remember your power!

You are the creator! You hold the power. And if you want to take your power back right now and have life reflect it, go back to being aware of being aware.

Breathing in, am I aware?
Breathing out, yes! I am!

Allow yourself to surrender your thoughts and preferences. Let go of whatever you’re worried about. Make peace with it. Welcome it. You don’t have to fight it. Say “Yes, I’m worried.” Or, “Yes, I’m stressed,” or, “Yes, I’m obsessed with this thing.” But once you acknowledge it and make peace, ask yourself, “Am I aware? Am I aware of what’s happening? Am I aware of what I’m thinking and feeling?”

Breathing in, am I aware?
Breathing out, yes! I am aware!

Feel your mind turn around to look at itself. Feel your mind being relieved of its activity and thus its limitations. You can have anything.This is infinite! Only our minds restrict the possibilities! If you can step back from your mind, dissolve it into the infinite, all of the solutions are yours! It’s infinite! Everything possible exists. Whatever you want, already exists, because it’s infinite!

Breathe in and feel excited about life! It’s infinite!
Breathe out and know that whatever you want, you can have.

You just have to let go of your awareness of not having it. And the easiest way to do that is to quit worrying about what you’re aware of, and just be aware that you’re aware.

Breathe in and return to your sense of being.
Breathe out and know that you don’t need anything to change!

Life is change. Ups and downs. Comings and goings. Whatever comes goes, whatever makes you feel good, when it’s gone it makes you feel bad. And vice versa. Get off the rollercoaster today! Right now! No matter what happens, you don’t mind, because you’re aware that you aware. And when you are aware, you have no problems.

Breathing in, am I aware?
Breathing out, yes! I am aware!

I am aware of the presence of god. And since I’m aware of the presence of god, I have nothing to fear! Everything that happens is happening in my favor. And I am letting it play!

Breathe in and let it play today!
Breathe out and get out of your own way!

Surrender your thoughts and preferences. Stay as you are, feeling your sense of being. Aware of awareness. In the flow! In the presence of god. You’re aware of the presence of god. You have nothing to fear.

Breathing in, am I aware?
Breathing out, yes! I am aware! And I have no problems!


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