Daily Meditation – Take A Relaxed Approach

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation – Take A Relaxed Approach

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Take A Relaxed Approach (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Relax your body.

Breathe in and slow down.
Breathe out and keep slowing down.

Slow your mind down to the pace of your breath.

Breathing in, I know I’m breathing in.
Breathing out, I know I’m breathing out.

Breathing in, I know I’m breathing in.
Breathing out, I know I’m breathing out.

Keep letting go. Let go of your thoughts as they come. Keep letting go. Keep relaxing into this moment.

Breathe in and say yes to what is.
Breathe out and welcome what is.

You can trust in the perfect timing of things. You can trust that life is unfolding perfectly. Just like the plants grow perfectly. The animals grow perfectly. Everything is happening in perfect timing. There is not one thing you can do to control, to change, to rush, to force something to grow. You can not force blossoming. You cannot force blooming. You can only let it happen. And today, that is what you’re going to do! You’re going to let life unfold at the pace of life.

Breathe in and enjoy the planting of the seeds!
Breathe out and know that everything you say, everything you think, everything you feel, everything you perceive—it’s all a seed. And you have planted seeds your whole life and they’re blooming all around you right now.

Today, take the time to notice: Where is blooming today? What can I enjoy that’s blossoming today in my garden of my life?

Breathe in and take a relaxed approach!
Breathe out and trust in the perfect timing of the garden of your life!

It’s all unfolding in perfect timing. Everything in your life—look at it as a garden. You cannot force things to bloom when they’re not ready. You can not force things to grow in the winter. If you’re in your winter, it’s time to rest. It’s time to nourish your soil. If you’re in your summer, blooming, enjoy it! But all of life is a series of planting seeds with your attention and then reaping the rewards when you least expect it.

Breathe in and notice what you’re giving your attention to
Breathe out and pay attention to all of those seeds you plant.

We get so caught up planting our seeds. We have a desire and we want that desire to come right away. But just like a plant, you have to plant it in the ground and forget about it. You water it and you take care of it, but you don’t dig it up. You don’t look at it. You don’t get mad at it when it’s not growing. You just trust that if it’s going to grow, it’s going to grow!

Breathe in and trust that if your desires are going to grow, they’re going to grow!
Breathe out and put your faith in life or god or the universe or whatever you want to call it.

There’s something bigger than you and me. It’s called pure awareness, but you can call it whatever you want. There is something that is causing life to happen. That is life. There is life! You can trust life! You don’t have to control. You don’t have to do anything with your mind. You don’t have to force. You don’t have to plan. You can do all of those things if they’re fun. But if planning’s not fun, if forcing is not fun, if time is not fun, if control is not fun, then let it all go and trust your garden will bloom when it’s time.

Breathe in and enjoy what’s blooming today.
Breathe out and put your trust in life today!

It’s unfolding perfectly. And when you notice your mind trying to control, worried about time, trying to make things happen—when you notice that happening, remember the prayer, “Thank you god for replacing me with you.”

Breathe in and trust the process of life.
Breathe out and let yourself be taken care of today.

Life takes care of life and when you let yourself be life, instead of someone who has a life, then you’re taken care of by life. You just gotta get out of the way and you do that by resting in your awareness. By asking yourself, “Am I aware?” By praying by saying thank you. Whatever you can do to relax, to surrender, to let go of your preferences—whatever you can do to enjoy where you are right now—do that today.

Breathe in and trust the process of life.
Breathe out and know: your seeds are all coming along perfectly.

You don’t have to lift a finger. And when it’s time for those desire to bloom, they will. Until then, enjoy all of the other fruits that you’ve planted throughout your life. Remember when you wanted you currently have??

Breathe in and just say yes to what is!
Breathe out and say thank you for what is!

It’s all in perfect timing! Let yourself enjoy it now!


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