Daily Meditation – Stay Centered in Your Knowing

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation – Stay Centered in Your Knowing

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Stay Centered in Your Knowing (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Relax your body.

Breathe in and say yes to what is!
Breathe out and bring your attention back into this present moment.

Let yourself slow down. Let those thoughts go. Just trust the process of life.

Breathe in and let yourself be light today!
Breathe out and celebrate how far you’ve come!

This is the best day of your life! Everything ever created led up to right now! You get to enjoy this day! You get to enjoy being in physical reality, having a body, and I promise you, as dark as life can get, it can get even lighter!

Breathe in and celebrate how far you’ve come!
Breathe out and know it’s all working out for you!

Especially the things you don’t like in life—they are gifts! They are solutions! They are things trying to help you! And it’s only your thoughts that make you feel bad about them. Let yourself say thank you to everything in life today, and you’ll see how it’s all happening in your favor!

Breathe in and just be here now!
Breathe out and let your concepts go!

The more you allow yourself to be present, the more miraculous life will appear. In my experience, being present is easily achievable for split seconds, for moments at a time, but then I’ll keep picking up concepts like, I’ll stare at a point and start thinking about “What does this mean, that I’m staring at a point?” And I’ve just recently woken up to these concepts that I keep picking up while I think I’m practicing presence.

Breathe in and watch your thoughts today.
Breathe out and notice: are you still picking up concepts when you’re practicing presence?

You can say, “Yes I am here.” Or, “I know I am here.” And sit with that for a moment, and wait and watch yourself pick up another concept like, “What should I do next?” Or, “What’s that person thinking?” Or, “I should clean this.” It could be anything—any concept, any shape, any thought about yourself, even an emotion.

Breathe in and just notice yourself picking up concepts.
Breathe out and just be the watcher.

The one who watches is already free, because the one who watches knows they aren’t the thing they’re watching. You are not your thoughts. You are not your emotions. You are not any of the things you see. You are pure awareness. You are unchangeable. You were never born and you’re never going to die. You, the pure awareness, is always safe, always joyful, always content. And if you ever catch yourself feeling less than joyful and content, just ask yourself, “Am I picking up concepts?”

Breathe in and let yourself be here now.
Breathe out and let yourself practice presence today.

Stay as you are. Stay as, “I AM”. Say to yourself, “I know I am here.” And just watch. Watch the concepts arise. But you don’t have to pick them up. And that is how you stay centered in your knowing, centered in your gratitude, centered in joy. Pure awareness, I am.

Breathe in and have the best day of your life today!
Breathe out and relax.

It’s all happening in your favor! And if you ever get caught up in physical reality, resisting or seeking, go back to “thank you” and once you feel in a stable place, feeling ok, then return to your presence practice and stay as you are! I know I am here! Are you?


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