Daily Meditation – You Get to Have Problems

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation – You Get to Have Problems

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You Get to Have Problems (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Relax your body.

Breathe in and slow down.
Breathe out and keep relaxing your body.

This is the right time and the right place. And you’re doing everything right. It’s all unfolding perfectly!

Breathe in and just be here now.
Breathe out and close your eyes.

Feel your inner body. Feel your inner world. What emotions are you feeling right now?

Breathe in and feel for any emotions you’re feeling.
Breathe out and notice where in your body that emotion is.

Breathe in and bring light into that part of your body
Breathe out and just feel what it feels like, to bring light into your body.

Your focus, your attention, is so powerful. You have the ability to heal yourself, to lift your mood, to transcend suffering. Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling. And notice what you’re thinking. And the more you’re able to face what’s going on, the easier it is to let it go.

Breathe in and be calm.
Breathe out and keep letting go.

Do you have any pain in your body?

Breathe in and keep feeling around in your body. What do I feel like?
Breathe out and keep relaxing.

Right now I have tension in my right shoulder blade. And it feels like a ball or a rock. It feels like a rock is stuck in there. And it feels like it’s limiting my movement. Do you have any pain in your body, and what does it feel like?

Breathe in and keep bringing your awareness into your body.
Breathe out and keep being brave and courageous.

You can face whatever’s going on in your body. And the light of your awareness will dissolve anything that isn’t real, anything that isn’t love. All it takes is a little awareness to resolve anything that’s troubling you.

Breathe in and keep bringing your attention within.
Breathe out and feel wherever you have pain.

Feel wherever you’re storing emotions in your body.

This tension in my shoulder feels like frustration. Like no matter what I do, it’s still there. No matter what I do, I still have problems. So what I’m feeling is just general frustration, that no matter how many ducks in a row I get, I’m still going to have problems. My body’s still going to break down and die. I can never get it done. I can never finish it. I can never get it all cleaned up. There’s always more!

Breathe in and keep feeling in your body.
Breathe out and stay aware of whatever is going on in your body.

This frustration I feel is that I’ll never get it cleaned up all the way, I’ll never have a completely perfectly-feeling body, no matter how hard I try. There will still be problems. And that causes frustration, it causes the emotion of frustration, and now it’s built up into a physical symptom in my body. But by bringing my awareness into my body, by bringing light to this feeling, to the emotion of frustration that I have, I’m able to get the perspective. I’m able to be the witness, be the awareness that notices it all. And then it’s not so serious. The tension is already relaxing. I can see how it doesn’t really matter if I clean it all up. It doesn’t really matter if there are more problems. Because I get to be here. I get to be in life, in a physical body.

Breathe in and know you’ll never get it all cleaned up!
Breathe out and feel grateful for whatever problems you have!

You’re alive! You get to have problems! And as long as you can get back to the perspective of the witness—who watches it all, who notices—you’ll be safe. You’ll be in the position of your timeless awareness, that will never die. It was never born. And if you ever have emotional or physical problems or discomfort, go back to your awareness and be willing to look. And the light of your awareness will set you free.

Breathe in and be brave enough to face whatever’s going on.
Breathe out and rest in the knowing that you, who you really are, is pure awareness.

You were never born and you’re never going to die. Any time you feel uncomfortable in your life, remind yourself, “I am pure awareness. And I can face whatever I see. It’s all temporary. It will all change. But where I am, in the position of the watcher, is timeless, joyful, content, peaceful. And everything is perfect and in Its place.”

Breathe in and know your body is perfect exactly where it is!
Breathe out and know your life is perfect exactly where it is. Because from the position of pure awareness, it’s all unfolding perfectly. It’s all just for fun. And it’s all a beautiful dance of life. Every little aspect of it. It’s all happening in your favor and now you can relax as pure awareness and let it all float by like clouds.

Breathing in I am pure awareness.
Breathing out I am free!


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