Daily Meditation – Step Into Your Fresh Start

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation – Step Into Your Fresh Start

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Step Into Your Fresh Start (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Quiet your mind. Let those thoughts go.

Breathe in and step into your fresh start.
Breathe out and wake up in the dream!

This moment right here, right now, is brand new. And you get to decide who you are.

Breathe in and remember who you are!
Breathe out and remember your power!

You are the creator. You are a powerful witch. You live the magick life.

Breathe in and step into your power!
Breathe out and think about what you want today.

I want to be in the flow and have my path light up for me. I want to love what I’m doing. What do you want?

Breathe in and imagine how you’ll feel when you get what you want.
Breathe out and feel that feeling now.

How will you feel when you get what you want?

When I’m in the flow and loving what I’m doing, it feels like being on a people mover, like universal speed, universal energy. It feels like life is living me and I don’t have to try or think about it. It feels like I’m being nature. Like what’s happening is as natural as a plant growing.

Breathe in and step into the flow.
Breathe out and let go of your resistance.

It’s easy to step into the flow. You just let go of your thoughts that are holding you out of the flow.

Breathe in and smile because today you’re stepping into the flow!
Breathe out and relax because life is not serious!

Nothing matters other than feeling joy! Nothing matters other than love, yeah love!

Breathe in and meditate on love.
Breathe out and feel the feeling of love.

Breathe in and feel that loving feeling expanding from your heart.
Breathe out and let those thoughts go.

Take your attention away from your thoughts and bring your awareness down into your heart.

Breathe in and lighten up! It’s just for fun!
Breathe out and let your thoughts go.

Remember that is the key to feeling good and joyful! Just let your thoughts go! Only your thoughts can make you feel bad!

Breathe in and step into your Now trip!
Breathe out and just be here now.

Now I’m smiling. Now I’m looking at the camera. Now I’m letting my shoulders relax. Now I’m appreciating the blue sky. Now I’m noticing sounds from downstairs. Now I’m noticing all my thoughts clamoring for my attention. But when I’m on my Now trip, I’m on that people mover. I’m in the universal flow. I’m here, now!

Breathe in and just be here now!
Breathe out and get some relief from your thoughts!

There are so many ways to step into your Now trip, to drop down into your heart. To start feeling joy. You can try silent counting to get your focus strengthened, and it’s easier to focus on your Now trip. You can try focusing on your breath or using an affirmation or mental code like “love yeah love,” or, “I love myself.” Whatever method or technique you try today, just remember the point is presence. It’s not to get anywhere else. It’s not to manifest anything. It’s just to be here now, because in the present moment, everything is fun and there’s nothing to worry about!

Breathe in and say yes!
Breathe out and say thank you!

This is the best day of your life! Drop down into your heart, take your Now trip and remember who you are! You are love, YEAH LOVE!

Breathing in I love myself!
Breathing out I love you!


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