Daily Meditation – Instantly Come Back to Center

Daily Meditation – Instantly Come Back to Center

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Instantly Come Back to Center (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Welcome back to the present moment, where all of your power lies.

Breathe in and say yes to what is.
Breathe out and welcome what is.

Welcome distraction. Welcome overwhelm. Welcome confusion. Welcome intrusive thoughts. Welcome weird feelings in my body.

Breathe in and welcome.
Breathe out and be welcomed.

Welcome sounds that the lights are making. Welcome worries about time. Welcome.

Breathe in and slow down.
Breathe out and let those thoughts go.

It’s all working out. It’s all happening in your favor. Trust that it’s safe to drop those thoughts. Trust that you’re in the right place at the right time and you’re doing everything right. Trust that it’s all unfolding perfectly.

Breathe in and open up to receiving.
Breathe out and remember the power of thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Feel this feeling in your heart. This is the only manifestation tool you need. Thank you. When you really feel it in your heart you know you’re magnetized to receive. Everything will work out for you. It already is. But it will be easier to see when you have gratitude in your heart.

Breathing in, thank you.
Breathing out, thank you.

Thank you. You don’t have to think about the future. You don’t have to dwell in the past. When these thoughts come to you, ask yourself, “Am I aware?”

Breathe in and remember you only want everything because you want god.
Breathe out and know you can have god right here, right now.

You can have love right here, right now. You want things to be over so that you can get to relax, so that you feel better, so that you feel connected.

You want to get through your day so that you can relax, so you can feel love and connection and relief. You want to just get things over with so you can relax and feel good, feel relief. But you can choose the relief now. You can choose god now. You can choose to feel what you want to feel now, and then your day will flow like that and you won’t need anything to change. You are the source. You are the creator. Choose it now.

Breathing in, “Am I aware?”
Breathing out, yes, I am.

Trust in the power of your perfect timing. Drop the thoughts about time. Drop the thoughts about caring what other people think. Drop the thoughts about worrying if it will all unfold perfectly. I promise you it will.

Breathe in and be light today. It’s not serious.
Breathe out and remember why you want the things you want.

You want love. You want to feel good. You want to be connected to god. You want to remove the separation between yourself and god. That’s all it is. And only the thoughts are separating you. Only the thoughts make you feel bad. You can drop them by asking, “Am I aware?”

Breathing in, “Am I aware?”
Breathing out, yes, I am.

Feel yourself instantly coming back to center. The source of your attention, the place where you go when you ask, “Am I aware?” That’s god. God is just awareness. We are just awareness. It’s all awareness. You can call it consciousness, infinite intelligence. It’s all the same substance. We are just consciousness acting. Having some wave movement, some activity. We’re just activity in consciousness.

Breathe in and ask, “Am I aware?”
Breathe out and notice, “Yes, I am.”

That is how you become still. That is how you remember who you are. Pure awareness, god, love. Bring yourself back to the present moment where everything is fun and there’s nothing to worry about. You have the power to stand up to your thoughts. You have the power to have a flowing, magickal day. All you do is ask, “Am I aware?” And rest in the place between the question and the answer. Yes, I am.

Breathing in, “Am I aware?”
Breathing out, yes, I am.

Notice where I arises. Notice where the thought “I” comes from. That’s the source. That’s where you touch god. That’s where you can find the relief. That’s where the peace is.

Breathing in, “Am I aware?”
Breathing out, yes, I am and I am now in the flow.


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