Daily Meditation – Dissolve Suffering With Awareness

Daily Meditation – Dissolve Suffering With Awareness

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Dissolve Suffering With Awareness (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Welcome back to the present moment where all of your power lies.

Breathe in and welcome what is.
Breathe out and welcome what is right now.

When you resist things, they persist. When you express things like anger, you may get bigger. The only solution to dealing with negative emotions is awareness. And if you want to release all of your negativity today, just welcome whatever emotions, whatever uncomfortable thoughts come to you.

Breathe in and welcome what is.
Breathe out and welcome whatever uncomfortable things are in you.

Welcome whatever emotion it is that makes you uncomfortable. Welcome tiredness. Welcome frustration. Welcome impatience. Welcome judgment about what someone else is doing. Welcome.

Breathe in and welcome what passes through you.
Breathe out and see how welcoming shows you these emotions are not you.

You are the awareness which is aware of the emotions, of the negative feelings, of the painful thoughts. And when you welcome whatever emotion or thought is passing through you, you instantly get the perspective of pure awareness, that which is aware of the emotions and thoughts.

Breathe in and welcome the emotions and thoughts.
Breathe out and practice now.

You can look forward to moments throughout your day where you’re irritated, where something doesn’t go your way, where you’re disappointed. Because each time you experience one of these negative emotions, it’s an opportunity to welcome it. And when you welcome this emotion, it dissolves right away because the light of your awareness dissolves anything that’s not true, anything that’s not love. So for example, you’re irritated and you’re in the kitchen and you say welcome irritation, welcome, welcome irritating feeling. And you welcome it and you make space for it. And then it dissolves so quickly and then you no longer have to race to get through your day, to get to the next thing, to try to get away from that feeling.

You no longer have to try to get away from your feelings. They just dissolve and then you get to feel high.

Breathe in and welcome your negative feelings.
Breathe out and stop trying to escape the negative feelings.

When you push them away or you ignore them, they don’t go away. They just fester. All you have to do to transmute your misery today is welcome the negative emotions in the moment that they come to you. Welcome them. Make space. Be the pure awareness in which they arise and then they dissolve and you’re free.

Breathe in and welcome negative emotions.
Breathe out and practice more right now.

Welcome. Welcome anxiety about the future. And then my anxious thought just disappears and I no longer have anxiety about the future and I’m happy to stay here.

The thing about dissolving your negative emotions is that then you don’t have to escape. Then you don’t have to go anywhere. Then you don’t need anything to change because you already feel better because you chose to welcome your negative emotions. You chose to dissolve suffering with awareness.

Breathe in and welcome the negative emotions today.
Breathe out and feel so excited for the negative emotions to come because every time you welcome one, it dissolves and then the next time it won’t bother you as much.

And eventually you’ll just be so happy to be where you are that nothing will bother you and you won’t need anything to change ever.

Breathe in and welcome whatever is.
Breathe out and make space, be the pure awareness.

Welcome thoughts about the future. Welcome feeling of being rushed. Welcome feeling like I’m going to run out of time.

Welcome. Your awareness can dissolve all the discomfort and pain and suffering. You simply have to slow down and be able to face what is. Welcome it. Welcome it. That’s how you do it. Pure awareness welcomes everything unconditionally. You can do it too.

Breathe in and welcome what is.
Breathe out and relax because you don’t have to escape anymore.


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