Daily Meditation – Wield Your Power!

Daily Meditation

Daily Meditation – Wield Your Power!

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Wield Your Power! (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance!

Let that shit go! Let go of any thoughts about the past.

Breathe in and decide to feel good about that!
Breathe out and let it go!

Any time a pesky little thought comes up in your mind about the past, or worry about the future, just say to yourself, “I’ve decided to feel good about that. I’ve let that shit go!”

Breathe in and open up to receiving!
Breathe out and keep letting go!

Let go of your thoughts as they come. You never have to try to stop them. But just keep letting them go, letting them go, letting them go.

Breathe in and step back into the observer position!
Breathe out and observe yourself.

Observe your thoughts. Observe your emotions.

Breathe in and notice what you’re thinking.
Breathe out and watch your thoughts.

Breathe in and feel your mind slow down.
Breathe out and let your body relax.

This is the best day of your life! Only your thoughts can make you feel bad, so it’s time to return to your natural state of feeling good, just by letting go of your thoughts. And entering the present moment.

Breathe in and wake up in the dream!
Breathe out and feel your power waking back up!

You are in control of your vibration. You are the creator. You are so powerful. Let’s wield that power towards what you want!

Breathe in and think about what you want.
Breathe out and imagine how you’ll feel when you get it.

I’ll feel magickal and powerful, in the flow, excited about life. What do you want?

Breathe in and let what you want come to you!
Breathe out and know: You’ve practiced the feeling. You know what it feels like. You can practice feeling that feeling any time. But you never have to think about that desire again!

It’s safe to let it go and let it come to you. And it comes to you by saying YES to everything. It comes to you when you radically accept your life as it is.

Breathe in and say yes to your life as it is!
Breathe out and make peace with your life as it is.

You are in the perfect place. Everything is perfect and in its place. You are in the prime position to get what you want now!

Breathe in and feel your power.
Breathe out and feel that feeling of getting what you want again.

Picture yourself in the place of receiving it. Picture it’s the moment you get it. Where are you? What does it feel like?

Breathe in and keep imagining getting what you want.
Breathe out and really feel that feeling.

This is your power. This is gratitude in advance. You identify what you want, you practice the feeling, and then you let it go forever. And it will come to you, if you keep saying yes to life.

Breathe in and say yes to your life!
Breathe out and relax.

When you say yes, it doesn’t mean that you like it or that you want it. It just means that you stop resisting. When you stop resisting, you feel better. When you feel better, you attract solutions. You attract manifestations that feel better.

Breathe in and say yes to your life!
Breathe out and say, “I love my life! I’m so in love with my life!”

There’s so much to love about our lives. They’re already perfect.

Breathe in and say yes!
Breathe out and feel the most powerful you’ve ever been.

You’re doing it. It’s working! Now you can relax.


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