Daily Meditation – Get Addicted to Awareness

Daily Meditation – Get Addicted to Awareness

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Get Addicted to Awareness (transcript)
Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Relax your body.

Breathe in and slow down.
Breathe out and slow down.

Let yourself relax into this moment. It’s all happening in perfect timing. It’s all happening in your favor.

Breathe in and come into this moment.
Breathe out and bring your awareness into right now.

Have you been seeking lately? Have you been reaching for something to fill you up? Have you been looking to food or drugs or alcohol or relationships or work to be a reason for feeling good? Have you been reaching for a mood boost outside of you?

Breathe in and notice where you’re seeking.
Breathe out and notice where you’re giving your power away.

All of the things we reach for to make us feel better— the food, the drugs, the relationships—we do that because we think we’ll feel better when we do that. We do that because we need comfort. We do that because we need security or love. But today, I want you to get addicted to being aware of being aware instead of reaching for those things that you know you don’t need but that you can’t stop yourself from because you just want to feel better.

Breathe in and know you can feel better on your own.
Breathe out and ask yourself, “Am I aware?”

Every time you feel that urge, that seeking, that flash of a thought telling you, “Go get a drink. Go get some cookies. Text that person. What if I just text that person?” Every time you get an urge like that, ask yourself, “Am I aware?” Because when I’m aware, I have no problems. When I am aware, I’m happy because I don’t notice lack. When I am aware, I’m peaceful because my mind isn’t agitated. When I am aware, I am love itself because I’m not noticing separation. I’m not separating myself from everyone else.

Breathe in and ask, “Am I aware?”
Breathe out and notice, “Yes, I am. I am being aware of being aware.”

Awareness is what makes up everything, including you. Everything that you perceive is made from awareness, consists of awareness. God is pure awareness.

Breathe in and notice the awareness.
Breathe out and notice you’re already doing it.

You can’t stop being aware. You’re already doing it. Your natural state is already that of awareness. It’s only thoughts that cloud that awareness and make you suffer.

Breathe in and stand up to your thoughts today.
Breathe out and be aware of being aware.

Whenever you notice yourself seeking for something to fill you, to make you whole, to make you feel better, unless it’s something your body actually needs for health, ask yourself, “Am I aware?” And fill yourself up by remembering you’re already whole. You’re already everything that is. You’re already god.

Breathing in, “Am I aware I’m already god?”
Breathing out, “Yes, I am.”

Practice this all day, every day. Am I aware? Genuinely sit still and inquire, notice, explore the knowing that, Yes, I am aware that I am aware. Rest there for a few moments, a few minutes at a time, and notice how much better you feel, how empowered you feel. You can feel good now without filling yourself with something outside of you that’s temporary and going to go away and make you feel worse when it’s gone.

Breathe in and ask, “Am I aware?”
Breathe out and notice, “Yes, I am.”

There’s no limit to your awareness of awareness. You can always have more. There’s always more unconditional love. It’s infinite. Today, fill yourself with being aware of being aware. Get addicted to awareness instead of reaching for something temporary outside of you, an illusion, a thought, a lie.

Breathe in and focus on what is true and real.
Breathe out and be what is true and real: awareness, pure awareness.

That’s the only truth, the only reality. It’s all one awareness, all one consciousness.

Breathing in, “Am I aware?”
Breathing out, “Yes, I am aware.”

And when I am aware I have no problems because I’m not agitated so I’m at peace. I don’t notice lack so I’m happy and there is no separation between me and anything else. So I am unconditional love itself.

Breathing in, “Am I aware?”
Breathing out, “Yes, I am.”

And I always have access to this. I always have awareness. I always am aware. I am always I am.

This is always here for you and you will feel better with deliberate practice of being aware of being aware.

Breathe in and be empowered today.
Breathe out and be full already.

You don’t need anything from anyone and today is the best day of your life.


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