Daily Meditation – Get Addicted

Daily Meditation – Get Addicted

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Get Addicted (transcript)

Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Breathe in and raise your vibration.
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Remember, you must become it to see it.

Breathe in and lift your own mood.
Breathe out and say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Become the gratitude that you want to feel. Become the gratitude you want to receive. Become the love that you want to get right now.

Breathing in, am I aware?
Breathing out, yes, I am aware.

The mind will get tired of this question. Am I aware? Am I aware? Over and over and over. Because this question annihilates the mind, it stops the thoughts. The mind doesn’t like that. But if you genuinely ask, “Am I aware?” and you genuinely look for the answer and you feel your mind turn around, your attention turn around to look at itself, at its source, you will be resting it on the presence of god, and the love that you seek will permeate your reality.

Breathe in and say yes to what is.
Breathe out and say thank you for what is.

All of the conditions are perfect for you to become aware of being aware right now. Rest your attention so that you may join with all that is, or rather realize you are already one with all that is.

Breathe in and ask, “Am I aware?”
Breathe out and genuinely look even if your mind is sick of asking that question.

Even if the question hasn’t been working for you, keep trying. It doesn’t matter what the mantra is, what matters is your devotion to the practice. If you try every day to be aware of being aware, to rest your attention on the presence of god, you will be rewarded. You already are being rewarded right now.

Breathing in, am I aware?
Breathing out, yes, I am.

When your mind is seeking and resisting, looking for problems and running over potential worst case scenarios, that’s when you rein it in and rest your attention on its source.

Breathing in, am I aware?
Breathing out, yes, I am.

You can feel it happening, it’s like, sort of like your eyes are shifting focus, but it’s happening with your attention. Your attention is shifting focus from external objects in the world, including thoughts and your body, and it’s shifting within to the source of itself. God, pure awareness.

Breathe in and be empowered. It’s simple.
Breathe out and don’t give up.

Keep practicing. And when you want to take action out of anxiety, if you want to take a drug or do something to soothe yourself because things aren’t going your way—decide instead to trust life and drop your attention to the problems, to the objects, and rest it on its source. And you’ll see life already is the way you want it to be. You don’t have to take that drug. You don’t have to soothe with TV or alcohol or whatever it is that you’re reaching for. Get addicted to being aware of being aware. Because when you practice being aware of being aware, it’s a better feeling than any food or drug or relationship or situation or success could ever provide.

Breathe in and be the presence of God.
Breathe out and remember, life is magickal.

It’s not serious. We are here for fun. And the more you trust and be light and trust in the power of your own awareness, the more life will flow and the things you want will come to you without you having to try.

Breathe in and rest on the presence of God.
Breathe out and let what you want come to you.

You are the source. Everything wants to come to you now.


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