Who is Clair?

Thanks Barabeke!

Clair is the name of my higher self. You can think of my higher self as my source, my god, or my mentor. I like to think of Clair as the perfect version of myself. Clair guides me with my emotions. When I feel good, I am one with Clair.

I got the idea that Clair existed by listening to Abraham-Hicks.

You have a higher self too. An easy way to find your higher self is through meditation. Ask yourself for guidance, and you will receive it. Allow inspiration to flow through you, and know that it comes from your higher self. You are your source; it's just a matter of perception whether you feel connected to it or not.

For more information on finding your higher self, check out the School of Life Design. Lesson 2 is about creating the website of your higher self, Lesson 3 talks about your higher self playing your life like a video game, Lesson 6 is about becoming one with your higher self, and Lesson 8 suggests naming your higher self.

  • Annie

    Hi, Jessica. I’m really very curious about Clair. I like the idea of having of having a higher self. But I’m really curious as to how you got in touch with her. Was it just through meditation? How does she appear to you, in terms of appearance? I thought I’d read that you just imagined talking to her and things progressed from there. Forgive me, I’m not trying to be insulting, I believe that she is real, but I’m not expressing myself well. I’m wondering if this is something that I could access for myself, but could use some tips on accessing my higher if that makes sense. I tend to be a bit of a doubter so it’s all about learning to take that leap of faith, I guess.

  • jessica mullen

    Hi Annie! So glad you asked! I had fun trying to explain this to myself, I hope it helps!

    Clair is the name of my higher self. I like to think of her as the perfect version of me. The version of me that is completely in the flow and connected to source energy. The me that has zero negative thought. The me that gets “it”. Clair is not a separate entity from me. She’s just the furthest most expanded version of me. She is the me I’ll return to when I die, and the me that I strive to become every day.

    Since Clair really is me, minus the negative thoughts, it’s very easy to get in touch with her. I just have to “know” she exists. Knowing is actually an emotion, and it’s up there with joy and love. To “know” that Clair exists, I have to trust myself, my intuition, my internal guidance system.

    I found Clair by having the thought that she must exist. I believe that there is a version of myself that is completely free of negative thought, a version who has everything she wants and understands all there is to know. I believe this because I come from source energy/god, and so I am not separate from god. I am god. In my human form, the only thing that prevents me from being god is negative thought. So to be god, I stop negative thought. Clair is just a name I use to describe the god version of me. I already am Clair, I already am god, they are not separate entities. But with negative thoughts, Clair -feels- like a separate being.

    To access Clair, I stop negative thought (through meditation). When I stop negative thought, I become Clair and therefore can speak from her perspective. When I stop negative thought, I am god. I have access to all the answers to all the questions. I am perfect and have everything I want.

    Clair/source/god knows everything because she IS everything, so when I stop negative thought and become one with god/source/Clair, I know everything. I can’t just spew the answers to life the universe and everything though, because an answer can’t exist until a question is asked. That is why to interact with Clair, I have to first stop all negative thought and then ask a question. If my mind is free of negative thought, the answer comes.

    When I write a “message from Clair”, it’s just me writing from a negative-thought-free perspective. It’s the me that KNOWS the meaning of life. It’s the me that gets “it”. When I ask for visual inspiration for art, I just space out and stop thinking negative thought and then I SEE the answer to my question. Because every bit of knowledge, all answers already exist somewhere in the air. It is NEW QUESTIONS that create NEW ANSWERS and new expansion in the universe. So when I talk to Clair, I am actually expanding the universe, not just accessing what already exists. Clair knows/IS everything, so as soon as I ask the question, the answer is given. That’s because every problem has a solution – it’s the “other side of the wave”. Everything is a vibration, or a wave, so you can’t have one side of a wave (a question) without the other side (the answer).

    Everything is just one thing – nothing. Our human perspective is what gives us the ability to ask questions and create universal expansion out of nothing.

  • elizabeth

    Ever since learning about ‘higher self’ at a women’s group, (i swear i am not a bot or being paid to promote that website) I wanted to know the name of my higher self. After months of ‘kind of’ thinking about it, I began to get antsy about knowing my higher-self. I began getting way into journaling and ‘being real’, like really real with myself about my life and the way things were going. I can honestly say it takes BEING REAL with yourself to find the authentic connection with your higher self. I also have a journal for negative thoughts only, and a journal for writing from my higher-perspective only. When you can know the feeling of being in a negative state (which is what the negi-journal is for) then you can see even clearer what your higher-self, or inner-voice is like. The negative journal idea seems to be a good way for people just starting out with inner work. Only TODAY have I learned the name of my guide, and I’m still getting closer to her. By writing in my Radical Self-Love Bible the other night while in the bath having a special time just for me, I wrote a lot of really great and insightful things about myself and at the end wrote this questiony sentence: ‘This is all coming from my higher-self, whose name is…’ I left it alone and came back to it today, to write the name Vanessa. I believe that the idea for having separate journals came from Vanessa and I hope the idea will be useful to others.

  • jessica mullen

    Wow thanks for that idea Elizabeth! It’s perfect! Having a place to put negative thoughts when you’re first starting out seems really helpful, because by writing the negative thoughts you are releasing them. I think I spent a long time writing negative thoughts in my lifestream before I was even able to think about positive thoughts. I had to get familiar with what I didn’t want so I knew more of what I want.

    Thank you so much for contributing to the conversation!

  • Rhina

    Nice to meet you Clair!

    I can’t believe I just discovered the mystery behind Clair ;)

    I didn’t know you can name your higher self, and I was doing it all along with Juju!

    You’re brilliant! <3

  • jessica mullen

    Hey Rhina! Ooooh that is so cool about Juju, it all makes so much sense! I LOVE IT!

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