Seed of Life

Tuesday Tips: 7 Ways to Be On Top of Your Game

Last week I auditioned to be a kickboxing instructor. Preparing for this event was beyond stressful. I have complete confidence ...
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Tuesday Tips: 6 Lessons from Group Fitness Classes

This weekend I'm auditioning to teach Body Combat, a martial-arts-inspired group exercise class. If I pass the audition, I go ...
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How to Use a Mantra to Get Stronger at the Gym

Kelly and I went to two group fitness classes today— RPM (a cycle class) and Body Pump (weightlifting). I really ...
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How to Make Friends with Your Body

Today marks the day that I begin my own yoga practice. I've taken classes before, and I've loved them, but ...
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Proving Flow Arts Are Psychokinetic

thank you Angela Wolf! I write articles to install new beliefs. I start with a concept I am certain of, ...
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A guide to running a fun and easy half marathon

Yesterday Kelly and I ran in the Austin Half Marathon for the second year in a row. Since we're such ...
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Astrojax and the meaning of life

Astrojax is a tool for the mind that teaches the laws of the universe. Astrojax began as a toy, described ...
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How to feel good in a crowd

Last night I went dancing at Barcelona for dubstep night. I used to get overwhelmed by crowds because there is ...
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