two of wands

From Lucid Dreams to Lucid Life: Using Sleep Perspective to Wake Up in the Now

Last week, Kiriko Kikuchi inspired me to start analyzing my waking life like a dream. This was a particularly titillating ...
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I'm Going to Rehab

I’m Going to Rehab

In response to my embarrassing coming out story, Jered Schue asked me what I'm going to do to change. What ...
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Pwny don't care. Photo by Kelly Cree.

How to Release Emotional Attachment with the “I Don’t Care” Game

Here's a new game for you to try. It's called the I Don't Care game. As you go about your ...
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The "What Do I Want?" Worksheet

The “What Do I Want?” Worksheet

Thank you Eric & NASA! Desire is what keeps us alive. If you had everything you wanted, you'd be dead ...
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universal grocery list worksheet

Do You Keep a Universal Grocery List?

The best advice I ever received for increasing abundance in my life was from Abraham-Hicks' financial abundance meditation: The fastest ...
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Playing the looking-at-people-with-love game

thanks herwordskill! In The Power of Intention, Wayne Dyer tells a story about convincing an airline employee to allow him ...
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