Daily Meditation Poster


Remember what you already know with this large format poster of images from my daily meditation videos. Each square depicts a different spiritual concept or technique to train one’s focus and mental discipline. Open up to receiving with these visual bookmarks of bliss.

Watch hundreds of my free meditations at http://www.youtube.com/jessicamullen.



This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of magick to any room. The text on the poster becomes a poem that reads:

"Notice. Nothing happens for a reason. Who is breathing in? The One who watches is already free.

You’re about to get exactly what you wanted. Hear the solution. Feel as good as you would if you were taking morphine. Choose your four favorite thoughts. Do whatever it takes to feel joy. Stay open. Welcome your reality. You are the lord of material success! Stay here and enjoy! You get to decide what you think next.

Practice the feeling. Take it so lightly you fly! You never have to wonder. Love what you’re doing right now. Say Yes Thank you in any situation and things will go better. This is the path to enlightenment: I don’t care what happens. Transmute the unpleasant into heightened awareness. Love is your unshakeable core.

Get addicted to a new thought. Water your plant self. You belong here! Calibrate to this world. It’s just for fun! What is the pain making you ask for? Joyful and fearless. Make it true. You are a magician!"

• 10 mil thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant

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