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How It Works

If you want complete control over your site, total ownership of your files, and unlimited functionality of your WordPress site, then you must host your site yourself. Self-hosting also allows you to use your own domain name (e.g., instead of What self-hosting means is that you rent a chunk of memory on a server (computer with a ton of memory) from a hosting company. Then you can do whatever you wish with that chunk. If you are looking to grow or monetize your site (e.g., with advertising or PayPal donation buttons), or just want more control, self-hosting is the next step.

What Is An Affiliate?

This site is an affiliate of BlueHost, which means we get a portion of their profit each time someone purchases hosting based on our recommendation. This doesn't affect the amount you pay, but it does help us significantly. That's the beauty of affiliates: we get paid and you get a service you already planned to purchase. Its a total win-win!

Why BlueHost?

Choosing a hosting company can be challenging because of the variety of different hosts out there. We've tried Yahoo, 24-7host, 1and1, and GoDaddy. Out of these, Bluehost gives you the most control over your site, has the best customer service, and least downtime. No hosting company is perfect, but Bluehost is our current host and we are happy to recommend them.

In addition to the control and peace of mind that comes with Bluehost, they also make it easy to install WordPress through your Control Panel (or cPanel) with a couple clicks. This is a stark contrast to other hosting companies who try to make it easy but mostly screw up your installation.

Once you purchase your hosting and log in to your cPanel, scroll through the options and find the WordPress button. From there you'll be taken to a page that will walk you through your installation, step by step.

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To help support us, you must get to Bluehost using our affiliate link. That way, Bluehost knows you signed up based on our recommendation. So please, if you decide to use Bluehost, go to the site using the button below (as opposed to navigating directly to

Thank you for helping support The School of Life Design and!

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