Author: Jessica Mullen

I love running: notes on today’s 5 mile vibram…

I am changing my run notes format because I am bored with the old way. Here we go! I am focusing only on the major things I learned/should have done differently/did well.

I should have eaten another magick pellet before leaving! I was hungry by mile 2. Also should have peed at the gym... And lastly, should have worn bandaids still. The vibrams are slow to break in.

Things I did well: repeating "I love running! This feels amazing!" over and over as we were starting out really improved my attitude. I did not want to go at all, but saying these things and similar phrases, plus smiling, really changed my outlook. In the past I have started out saying "God I fucking hate running" and that's no way to begin a run.

On the way back, on the easy downhill part of Comal by the cemetery, I was able to get into the meditative-running state. It was brief, but it reminded me why I love long runs.

We've been walking a bit too much lately so we're vowing to run on Saturdays again (instead of leisurely walking 5-6 miles).

Also, in case you're curious: we are planning to do a full marathon training schedule beginning in July, but only run a half marathon in November. Then it will be an easy race! We are running the Rock n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon. Then we will do the Austin Half Marathon in February again, and then the Illinois full Marathon in April.