Author: Jessica Mullen

Notes on today’s 3 mile vibram run

This was our earliest run yet! We left at 6:05am! And we made excellent time, at a 12:09/mile pace. We're improving every day! My right hamstring has been wangin out of control the past three days, so I've been trying to be extra stretchy to it, but I think I need rest. Tomorrow is our day off and hopefully it will be ready for the 7 on Saturday.

We didn't talk much–we're still trying to balance running in the vibrams/catching our breath/going faster with talking. Towards the end I really wanted to walk but I pushed myself... We were talking about people's running times we want to beat: first we have to beat Julia Allison's 5k time (33:41), then Sarah Palin's half marathon time (2 hours), then Tim Borbely's marathon time (4:26:28)!