About lifestreaming

Lifestreaming is simply sharing your life experiences, usually online. You can lifestream by blogging, podcasting, or publishing an e-book. I lifestream by podcasting, posting lots of photos and creating articles for this site. This site is a lifestream website. It is a record of my activities, ideas and creations.

Lifestreaming is all about attracting the things you want into your life by documenting the good things that are already there. By posting about what makes you feel good, you are automatically asking for more things that feel good.

By lifestreaming, you are releasing your desires into the Internet. Publicly sharing your posts is a way for you to believe in them, and also a way to let them go and let the universe take over.

Picture asking for a recipe on Facebook. If your network of friends is large enough, you can trust that someone will answer you with what you want. You wouldn’t freak out, wondering if your question will ever be answered. You just believe someone will step in to help.

So then you receive what you want, and you can document your gratitude, sharing with others how easy it is to get what you want. Posting about the good things in your life just keeps them coming to you faster and faster!

I used to believe that lifestreaming was about portraying reality as it really was. A classmate critiqued my work, saying “what about documenting all the bad things that happen in your life?” I took her advice and started looking to document the shitty parts of my life. Guess what happened–I invited more shit into my life! Before that point, I didn’t have any shit to document! Lifestreaming is about creating experiences that make you feel good, releasing them into the Internet with trust that more good things will come from it, and then receiving more good things!

Posting about gratitude and visualization, or about anything you’re interested in, are just ways of feeling good. By sharing them online, you’re publicly asking for more good things! And when you share your experiences, more people get to see the positive outcomes you are creating, and might be inspired to do the same!

  • Quinn W

    I love this!! I think in part I’ve been lifestreaming a lot lately, and it really holds me accountable towards being present in my life and towards healing the past. Even my dreams for a stream of life last night.

    It goes right along with my idea of life-STREAKING! Yep, the naked kind. Running through this life naked and raw, baring your heart and your throat to the world..Why not lifestreak and lifestream at the same time?

    Love love,

  • jessica mullen

    STREAKING! I love that concept! Lifestreak and lifestream at the same time, hell yeah! Not to take it too literally, but the first time I ever posted a nude photo online (lol here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jessicamullen/3202641089/) was SUCH a pivotal moment. I felt so free! It completely changed my life.

    You are inspirational! So glad to connect :]

  • Quinn W

    Wow, totally liberating! I’m happy to be streaking and streaming with you over the inner-web!

  • Carolyn Elliott

    Jessica– wow– I was directed over here by Rhina and Abigail, who both love you– and I see there’s a lot to love! Your lifestreaming idea is fabulous, both as a concept and as a word. It’s such a more poetic term than “blogging” — which, from the time I first heard it, always sounded to me like an 8th grader’s word for throwing up.

    Also — Quinn! Hi there! So fun to serendiptously run into you.


  • jessica mullen

    Hi Carolyn! Thank you so much for your kind words! Lifestreaming is kind of like blogging… but lately I like to think of lifestreaming as telling the story as you go along, rather than recounting it in a log… like lifestreaming is a way to direct the story rather than simply tell it. Ahh it makes me so excited :D

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