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Hi, I'm Jessica! I'm not from Texas, but I got here as fast as I could! I was born in Illinois, grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, got my BFA in graphic design at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, then dragged my kitties and wife down to Austin to get my MFA in lifestreaming from the University of Texas.

I'm a dreamy Pisces, a vegan chef, a late-blooming athlete, and an enthusiastic lifestreamer. My deepest loves are meditation, Astrojax and group fitness classes at the Y. My biggest inspirations are Abraham-Hicks, Gala Darling, Nicki Minaj, Wayne Dyer, Alan Watts, and Eckhart Tolle.

I'm a passionate life designer, a video podcaster, and I'm also an intern at UnderConsideration, where I get to learn from the best graphic designers in the game.

Finally, I’m a magician. I love playing with the laws of the universe, and I love playing tricks on my mind. Basically, I love to play. Who doesn't?!

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Jessica Mullen

Beginning with only a website and a strong aversion to people telling her what to do, Jessica set off to uncover the meaning of life. After a marathon race and raw food diet didn't bring the key to happiness, Jessica discovered the power of thought through The Secret and Abraham-Hicks.

Having learned the spiritual truth that what you think about, you bring about, Jessica began putting the theory into practice via her lifestream website–a record of her thoughts and experiences.

In August 2010, Jessica launched the School of Life Design to share the ideas and processes that were transforming her life. The School advocates lifestreaming as a life design methodology, meaning it encourages readers to use a public website to direct their thoughts and tell their story. Create a website for the person you want to be, and watch that person come to life.

Now a thought leader in modern metaphysical philosophy, Jessica continues to explore the connection between the Internet and spirituality. As a designer, she strives to distill, condense, and clarify spiritual information to help people remember what they already know but may have forgotten.