Enjoying Being

Jessica Mullen

Enjoying Being

Jessica Mullen
Grateful for my health and home and kitties and wife. Grateful for groceries and heat and electricity and water and plumbing. Grateful for kind neighbors. Grateful for perfect timing. Grateful for magick life. Grateful for rock stars. Grateful for Keke!!! Grateful for love. Grateful for inspiration. Grateful for Brittany. Grateful for new ideas. Grateful for plenty of money. Grateful the rent and bills are paid! Grateful to always have enough. Grateful to always have plenty. Grateful to be in the right place at the right time. Grateful to be here now. Grateful to be present. Grateful to remember I AM HERE FOR THIS MOMENT. Grateful to be here for this moment. Grateful for bean burgers. Grateful for good dreams. Grateful I can dream bigger. Grateful I can choose to feel better. Grateful I can lighten up. Grateful to be in control of my vibration. Grateful for the grateful dead.

Grateful to weigh 118.5 today. Grateful to have strong muscles. Grateful for a day off working out. Grateful for the MMR. Grateful to have new ideas for our next journal. Grateful for the baby birds.

Grateful for plenty of time and money. Grateful to breathe a breath of relief. Grateful to have books to read. Grateful to be feeling better already. Grateful to direct my thoughts. Grateful for ryan. Grateful for kind texts.

Grateful for friends. Grateful for my family. Grateful for good ideas. Grateful for inspiration. Grateful for the flow. Grateful to feel good in my body. Grateful my clothes fit. Grateful to be strong. Grateful to stay fit in quar. Grateful for lmod. Grateful for a workout partner. Grateful to have the best wife in the world!

Grateful for good news. Grateful for sales and orders and passive income. Grateful to have a mailbox so close. Grateful for new music. Grateful for my clothes and shoes. Grateful for my vibrams. Grateful for my vivos. Grateful for my vacation house shoes. Grateful for cinnamon gum. Grateful for fresh boopies!

Grateful gratitude works! Grateful to uplift myself. Grateful to love where I am. Grateful for cleveland. Grateful for summer. Grateful for sunny days and windows open. Grateful for plans to take trips. Grateful for convos with ry. Grateful for progress on the new journal. Grateful for a list the wild horses will get done:

unemployment for contractors
recording that new 15 min meditation
organizing the closet
cleaning the carpets
cleaning the bathroom
cleaning the kitchen sink

So grateful to have our perfect apartment. So grateful to have money for rent this month. So grateful to always have enough. So grateful for my cute cats. So grateful for my friends. So grateful for betty and jenny and ryan and coda. SO grateful for our neighbors. SO grateful for the corner store. So grateful for la croix.

So grateful for bean burgers. SO grateful for save a lot. So grateful for good earth. So grateful for good radio. So grateful we can afford pandora and netflix and spotify and adobe and soundcloud and LMOD. So grateful for the internet. So grateful for herbal remedies. So grateful to feel good today. So grateful to feel better!

So grateful to let go. So grateful to feel lighter. So grateful to surrender my preferences and my to do list. So grateful for good news. So grateful for orders and sales and passive income! SO grateful for new subs!

So grateful for meditation. So grateful meditation ALWAYS WORKS. So grateful for tech support. So grateful for our website and webhost. So grateful to get a CDN working. So grateful for the cache. So grateful our site is loading faster than ever! So grateful for plenty of groceries. So grateful for plenty of money. So grateful for a vibration of success and abundance! THank you thank you thank yOU!

Thank you for the health! Thank you for the home! Thank you for the meals to cook! Thank you for the accessible fresh food! Thank you for the orders and sales! Thank you for the perfect health! Thank you for the perfect wife! Thank you for the healthy wife! THank you for the healthy kitties! Thank you for the healthy family and friends! Thank you for the strength! THank you for the inspiration! Thank you for helping me remember the work always works!

Thank you for the best day of my life! Thank you for success! Thank you for passive income! Thank you for good ideas! THank you for kind emails! Thank you for kind comments! THank you for ad revenue! THank you for lulu revenue! Thank you for amazon revenue! Thank you for bandcamp revenue! Thank you for onlyfans revenue! Thank you for subscribers! Thank you for people who support me! Thank you for helping me support myself! Thank you for helping me feel better!

I intend to remember to be grateful! I intend to be present! I intend to remember I am a powerful witch! I intend to live the magick life! I intend to feel good all day and night! I intend to go to bed feeling good! I intend to keep writing even when i think it's pointless! I intend to make my best work! I intend to remember the work always works! I intend to practice presence! I intend to give and share! I intend to be light! I intend to enjoy! I intend to play! I intend to have fun! I intend to celebrate! I intend to have the best night of my life! I intend to be in a good mood! I intend to love! I intend to receive! I intend to give! I intend to share! I intend to be light and fun and playful! I intend to enjoy being alive!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.