Prosperity Plan Day 40, Quar Day 49


Prosperity Plan Day 40, Quar Day 49


Today I got up with my alarm at 9:30. Didn't really remember my dreams again. Been sleeping IN! Probably because I've been staying up a little late because of the kratom. Oh Well!

Came down and K got up right after me. I started the rags, drank coffee, and then we sat on the porch and ate breakfast for over an hour! It was so nice and sunny!

Came in and did a little MMR then got ready for class. We did grit strength 30 for the first time. I didn't try too hard because it's a lot of fast movement with weights and I was trying to stay free of injury. It was pretty fun but no replacement for pump. Not sure how we'll work it into our routine but it would be fun to get better at it.

After class I got right in the shower. Oh but first I had kelly take some nudes of me for my onlyfans. They were ... ok. Then we ate lunch (tx caviar) and Kelly packed the orders while I did the laundry. We walked to the mailbox and were going to take a long walk but it was chillier than we expected and I wanted to come home to work.

Came home and worked on our new zine! It's called either "The One Who Watches Is Already Free" or "Beyond Manifestation". It's about the freedom that comes from watching your thoughts.

Then we meditated and now the oven is on to heat up some pizza hut frozen pizza we had saved. I'm wearing the pants K mended for me and they fit so well!

Tonight I intend to be in a great mood and have fun! I intend to love working on my video! I intend to have the best night of my life! I intend to go with the flow and enjoy being! I intend to love myself and not give a fucK!

And now the PRO PLAN is over! It was such a success! We got so many orders and subs and sales and checks in the mail! We're making a new zine! It's spring! Life feels fun! The new zine was born out of day 5 of the pro plan! The school is doing better than ever! It was a hit!

Now please enjoy this draft of an email campaign I'm working on:

5 Ways to See the Best in People

If you can expect the best about everyone, that is what they will show you. You get what you expect. So if you see people as good, that is what you will see in your reality. If you see people as broken, damaged or evil, that is what you'll get. Realign your expectations to get what you want. You get what you expect, and your expectations come from your beliefs. A belief is just a thought you think a lot. So if you can get to the root of your beliefs by choosing new thoughts, you can change your expectations, and thus, what you perceive in your reality.

1. I AM
Remember that you ARE your reality. Everything you see, is you. All other people are you. We are all one. We are one consciousness, expressing itself through different perspectives. Think of humanity as one organism. What you dislike in other people, you dislike in yourself. So if you notice something you don't like about someone, remember I AM. Breathing in "I", Breathing out "AM". This will help you remember our oneness and that you can't get away from yourself, so you might as well make peace with it.

2. Everyone is creative, resourceful and whole
My life coach Cory Thomsen taught me this one. When you're worried about someone else, remind yourself that everyone is CREATIVE, RESOURCEFUL, and WHOLE. Everybody has the ability to solve their own problems. No one is helpless. Every human has the ability to be resourceful. And no one is incomplete. Every person on this planet is WHOLE. Every person is connected to god. Every person is an outpicturing of god itself. So there is never any need to worry about anyone else. Every single person can come up with their own solutions. Every person can find a way to get the resources they need. Every person can remember they are a whole image of god.

3. Love is the root
Love is the only thing that is real. This is a concept from A Course In Miracles. If love is the only thing that is real, anything negative or evil in appearance is just an illusion.

4. Hurt people hurt.
However someone acts is a reflection of their inner world. So if someone is being critical of you, they are deeply critical of themselves inside. If someone is talking shit about someone else, it means they're insecure. If they are hurting someone, it means they are hurting inside. Think of everyone you see as a child, deserving of love. Even when children misbehave, we still love them unconditionally. Give that same courtesy to adults. Every adult that misbehaves is just a hurt child inside, trying to protect themselves or make themselves hurt less.

5. You must become it to see it.
You see the world according to your own inner world. If you want people to act lovingly to you, you have to love them first. You have to treat your neighbor as you want to be treated. Not because you will be judged or smited if you don't, but because to get what you want to see, you have create it inside first. Remember, the world is just a reflection of you. So if you act with love towards others, they will eventually act with love towards you. Because you are projecting love, you will get love back.

Ultimately the purpose of seeing the best in people is a selfish act, because you're doing it so that you get to experience a more loving reality. It is in your best interest to see the best in people. When you look for the best in people, it trains you to see the best in life. You see the best in yourself. It gets you in a pattern of looking for the best. Your reality becomes the best version of itself. Life is more fun. Just because you decided to look with love instead of fear or hate.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.