Prosperity Plan Day 8. Quar Day 17

Jessica Mullen

Prosperity Plan Day 8. Quar Day 17

Jessica Mullen
Got up around 830 or 9 or something. Maybe 930? Unsure. Made a fresh pot of coffee. Went downstairs to get the laundry out of the dryer and grab some amazon packages from the porch. Shipping labels, garbage bags, and thread. We actually ran out of thread sewing pee rags! Well Kelly did anyway ha. So we got 3 black and 3 white spools.

We sat on the porch for a long while, drinking the sun and eating breakfast. It was paradise to finally get some sun and for it to be warm enough out to sit outside for a long time. Paradise!

Came in and cleaned up the house--the litter, vacuumed, cleaned off the altar. There were remains of about 30 incense sticks. K started the rags in the laundry. We are all rags all the time now. Only unexpected expense of switching from paper to rags is we're going to have to buy bleach. Not soon, but soon.

THen suddenly I was COMPELLED to go to the pharm to get . I just KNEW it was the right time. So we got ready real quick and walked there and it was so nice out and sunny. Still a little chilly to just be wearing a sweater but so beautiful. SO beautiful. So beautiful. Then the pharm was so crowded, with no social distancing happening! The line was so long!

But they were very stocked on everything. We didn't buy anything because of the line and because we really don't want to get too close to anyone!

But we got what we came for and had so much fun! We hadn't been to a single public place other than the mailbox (2x) or track (2x) for 17 days! We hadn't seen a soul other than ONCE we handed our mailperson a package 15 days ago, and a week and a half ago we interacted with our instacart guy.

ANd I've waved to the south neighbor a couple times.

So going to the pharm was heavenly and so refreshing and so nice to see that other people existed and people were just going about their business like normal. It was so nice to see people in the world! No masks, no gloves. Just a long line and a lot of shoppers. Business as usual other than the shelves were waiting to be stocked with all sorts of stuff in the aisles.

2 cases of la croix left in the store tho.

So then we came home and ... we were about to meditate. ANd I'm like... I wonder if we should order groceries soon, I wonder what the demand is.

SO I look at whole foods first and there are NO delivery windows available whatsoever. Just no delivery period. So I Was like damn, let me check the local grocery store instacart. And it said the first available was Tuesday (It's thursday). So we decided to place the order so we could get in the q. Didn't want to wait to start running out of stuff next week, then get 5 days in a q (OR LONGER) again. So we went ahead and bought ingredients for lasagna, cinnamon rolls, and got a bunch of canned tomato stuff to make lentils and chickpeas. And some bananas and onions and yogurt and eggs. Very successful haul.

So then all of the sudden our order starts getting shopped TODAY, not 5 days from now on Tuesday.... turns out i had selected first available delivery, and the ESTIMATE was next tuesday, but then a slot opened up today, and we got our groceries today!

WE ARE SO FUCKING BLESSED. So blessed, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

So we got our groceries and now we can make lasagna. We decided to do that instead of order pizza. Pizza hut just seems so risky. THis will be better anyway.

So then we kept going to sit to meditate but then the groceries were on the way. They got delivered (5 star contactless delivery from briana, thank you so much!) and we brought them in right before it started raining. The perfectest timing ever really.

So by then we were hungry for dinner, and ate brown rice with minestrone. Well, minestrone with leftover brown rice in it. It was delicious. Vegetables! It was from the freezer, we made it a couple months ago or so. Green beans, broc, white beans, spinach, corn, it had it all!

Then I was just IN A MOOD to cook so we made the flax sundried tomato crackers out of ancient flax and tomatoes that had been in the fridge for way too long. But the flax was still good and so were the tomatoes. And the crackers turned out great! So we had some goat cheese with them for a bit of second dinner. Now my body will be totally recovered for class tomorrow!

We had to look up in brendan brasier's thrive book the nutritional info about flax, and found nice things about complete protein and omega 3s. So glad we made these crackers! And we have enough to make them again! It's so awesome not having to dip into our packaged crackers yet, and to eat something so nutritious!

Then after all the cooking and dishes were done, we finally sat to meditate, to restore the years the locusts have eaten. At first I was very anxious and had to just breathe. Eventually I got into a great body groove with the breathing, that awesome feeling of feeling in my body, while my body is totally still. like disconnecting from my body, but still being contained in my body. LIke feeling like a cloud in my body. Totally at peace.

Restoring the years the locusts had eaten.

It was a wonderful day. I feel so beyond grateful that I can work from home and order groceries and walk to the pharm. I am so grateful to get fresh air and that it is sunny. I am so grateful for my health.

Oh one other thing k and i did today was use the muscle liberator! My ass was so sore from class, and K liberated my glutes and helped me feel so much better! I did her back and it helped her a lot too. What a cool investment! I'm so grateful I can get healed so quickly! It's miraculous!

I had the best day of my life and I am so grateful!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.