Prosperity Plan Day 5, Quar Day 14

What's the activity?

Prosperity Plan Day 5, Quar Day 14

What's the activity?
Today I broke it down and stared at the text prompt for 7 minutes. I noticed it took me forever to be able to comprehend what I was reading. Every single time I read the paragraph, my attention would wander at the same point—the all providing activity. Like my all providing activity didn’t want me to catch on yet haha.

SO then after at least 7 minutes I told myself, ok, BREAK IT DOWN. Money’s not my supply. Got it. What IS my supply? When you strip away the excess language, it comes down to:


My supply is the awareness of the activity of my mind. Being the watcher. Being the watcher is my supply of abundance. What?!

So I practiced. I said in my mind, “What’s the activity?” And it took some time to get a solid scene going in my head, with a bunch of random thoughts coming through. It was hard to really watch at first, I guess because I was floating out on the thoughts.

After a couple minutes of asking what’s the activity, I saw a thing that looked like the two sides of a Tesla coil or something, like how electricity jumps between two metal things. And in that electricity jump is where the thoughts would come. Over time I realized I could watch the thought come, then put it in a bubble and let it go. The only thought I kept was, “Being hungry feels good” and I hung that on the imaginary wall behind the electricity calipers.

This is how you welcome your thoughts, I realized. Go in your mind, settle into the watcher position, then ask, what’s the activity? Then as you notice each one, pack it up and send it on its way. Keep only the ones you like as decoration in your mind. Those decorations are what are going to grow into reality.

Then I also noticed that Someone was up with the thoughts, it must be the watcher’s hands? And those hands tossed a few bubbles of thought towards the right hand side behind me, so like to the right of the watcher which is at the base of my skull. But behind me a little too.

So the thoughts that went behind me to the right, those were for the intellect. There was an enthusiastic version of me there collecting epiphany thoughts. Like, “This is what it means to watch your thoughts!” And that intellect gets so excited about epiphanies. The “understanding” component of this pro plan paragraph.

To the left is source, who supplies the “knowledge” of the activity part.

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