Prosperity Plan Day 2

Jessica Mullen

Prosperity Plan Day 2

Jessica Mullen
Today they are locking down Illinois. Got up around 9, and it was really nice out (60s and sunny) so we went on the porch for breakfast (yogurt and granola) and some counting/journaling. I started the laundry and washed all the bedding and clothes. We did Grit Cardio 30, which was hard but fun and satisfying. Keke took a shower and I finished up making the bed.

We're about to have a call with Julia about our QTVC appearance on Sunday. Keke made brown rice for fried rice later. We finished up our texas caviar for lunch. I had some cashews and chocolate chips too. Started feeling cavalier about food delivery and considered ordering pizza but then I saw all the illinois lockdown stuff and decided it's not worth it.

Had my first suicidal thought today in a looooong time. Years maybe. I imagined some worst-case scenarios and thought, "well I can always kill myself..." So yeah wow.

Our new niece was born today in Peoria! Good thing they got it in right before the lockdown! Thankful it went well and all are healthy! So grateful to have family!

Still haven't heard from my brother since texting him yesterday but last night I talked to both sisters and Betty. Kelly talked to her mom. Staying connected.

Trying to avoid going outside at all but we have one last package coming tomorrow, the essential oil. I considered ordering groceries for produce but Kelly tells me we don't need to. We really don't, we have 6 servings of spinach in the freezer and maybe 12-13 apples still. And carrots. Started feeling a little panicky but it passed. Just gotta breathe and relax. What else can I do.

Body is sore from working out. Tomorrow should probably be a rest day. Still hungry and can't wait for dinner! Had my second cup of coffee and made a fresh pot. So grateful to have plenty of coffee and rice. So grateful to have my health and wife and kitties and home. So grateful it's getting nicer out. So grateful to feel good now.

I intend to serve the greatest good. I intend to post my video. I intend to be the light. I intend to feel playful. I intend to surrender my preferences and remember to allow. I intend to release my resistance. I intend to keep in touch with my family and friends. I intend to take care of myself and loved ones. I intend to help. I intend to trust. I intend to uplift. I intend to be here now. I intend to enjoy being. I intend to relax. I intend to celebrate life. I intend to go with the flow and say yes.

I lift up my mind and heart! To be aware, to understand and to know! That the divine presence I AM is the source and substance of all my good!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.

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