Magickal Miracle Day

Jessica Mullen

Magickal Miracle Day

Jessica Mullen
Dear diary
I got up at 1030 after snoozing twice. Went to bed after 3 last night because KC was helping me study the tarot cards. I had a bit of an interview today, to be a tarot reader at the local witchcraftery. So I stayed up late studying card meanings and K quizzed me.

So I got up at 1030 and fed the kitties. Weighed myself and was 121 today even though I've eaten really light the past two days. I think I was retaining water from the pump workout we did last night.

Fed the cats, chugged my coffee, ate a fiber one protein bar. Yes I am obsessed with fiber one protein bars. I know they're just candy bars but it's such a tidy little 140 calories and nothing else sounds good in the morning.

I did some journaling and bookkeeping. I prepaved my adventure, which turned out 100% effective.

I took a shower, ate some raisin bran crunch and blow dried my hair. I finished up writing a client email we had been working on for days.

We left at 145 to catch the train to ohio city, then from there took the bus to old brooklyn for my interview. We were early so we stopped in a coffee shop. I used the bathroom but it was too crowded to wait in line and buy anything, plus there weren't any tables.

Went to the place of witchcraftery and spoke with several customers. Such a cool vibe. Did my tarot interview and loved loved loved it.

Afterwards we ducked in a bar next door to see if they had mozz sticks but they didn't serve food, so we went back to the coffee shop from before. This time there were only 2 other customers there and plenty of tables. We got a delicious artichoke sammie and an americano.

IT WAS REALLY GOOD COFFEE! Old brooklyn coffee co / coffee coffee coffee is the name

Then we got back on the bus home. There was a huge trump protest/impeachment rally at the corner of 25th and loraine. We walked a little too slow and ended up missing our train home so we had to wait around another 10 minutes at the station. Cold but not freezing.

Got home around 630ish maybe? Relaxed for a bit and I posted some pix. Then we meditated and boiled some water to get the humidity up. I didn't even fall asleep!

We ate dinner (taco filling again) and I did the dishes. I tried calling my parents but they were busy. K called her mom and I started in on the bookkeeping. My mom called me back and I talked to them for 30 min.

Finished the books and did some counting. I got to 10k today! The CoC book is REALLY REALLY working and there have been so many miracles as a result. More income, more friends, more synchronicities, more opportunities, more following through on our good habits. Kelly works on it all the time. She has spent more time with this journal than all our other ones combined! An exaggeration, but it's just such a good sign that she likes to do it. So then I get more enthusiastic and it ends up being so calming and relaxing. It helps me not dwell on negative thoughts or moods.

I have a lot of things left on my list for today but it seems like they're all getting pushed to tomorrow. Making bread and boopies, posting a med vid for the school, recording a vid, recording a fun show, making a couple last holiday cards. I'll probably do that at least.

I just had a really good day and I want the world to know. I'm not trying to brag, but I want to remind myself that COUNTING REALLY WORKS and miracles really do come from that singular focus. I'm feeling really good about life today. I am happy to be here!

I intend to follow through on my 2020 goals:

One of the best manifestations today was that before we left the house, I was a little stressed about making the train on time. But I reminded myself and said out loud to K that "perfect timing is the theme." And then at the coffee shop before I went to the interview, someone knocked on the bathroom door just as I was coming out, and when I opened the door she said "perfect timing!" So I just knew it really was perfect timing... and perfect timing has been the theme since texas and now I just know I will have perfect timing for the rest of my life!!!

I intend to have the best night of my life. I intend to have so much fun tomorrow. I intend to celebrate! I intend to stand by what I say! I intend to be confident and uplifting! I intend to have and be fun! I intend to love myself and not give a fuck! I intend to let go of my resistance! I intend to BE FRIENDLY have SINGULAR FOCUS and remember PERFECT TIMING is the theme!

I intend to love myself and not give a fuck. I intend to let go of my resistance. I intend to allow well being to flow. I intend to make my best work. I intend to trust the process of life. I intend to follow through. I intend to be friendly! I intend to record what I want to record! I intend to follow through on all our ideas for sold! I intend to love yeah love!

I intend to BE BRAVE. I intend to be courageous. I intend to celebrate! I intend to ENJOY LIFE THE WAY IT IS!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.