Free Queso

Jessica Mullen

Free Queso

Jessica Mullen
So happy and grateful

  • to be wearing a beautiful new dress for the first time!
  • to be drinking from a seemingly limitless supply of la croix!
  • I got to talk to my parents and it was so nice!
  • we had a beautiful kale smoothie made with fresh kale and strawberries from the farmer's market!
  • we got to hoop outside in the beautiful 78º weather and take cute videos!
  • we have DINNER reservations! for just the two of us! For a date! TABLE SERVICE! For no reason! WE ARE SO ABUNDANT.
  • to be writing and therefore automatically feeling better!
  • to make progress on my song!
  • to have all the coffee and cookies I could want!
  • to have beautiful kitties who are so so so cute!
  • to have the best wife in the world!

Wouldn’t it be nice

  • to have the best night of my life?
  • to make my best work?
  • to feel brave and confident and in the flow?
  • to feel talkative and friendly and outgoing?
  • to wake up in the dream and remember my presence is my craft?
  • to feel bliss and joy and to feel INSPIREDDDDDDDDD
  • to keep taking steps on my website... on my song... on my zines and books... on my art...
  • to get photos taken of me in this pretty dress tonight?!
  • to follow THROUGH

Prepave! Tonight's adventure!
What's the best that could happen before?
I get in a great mood from all this writing and meditating! And taking picture of myself!
What the best that could happen during?
We have fun and laugh and feel so lucky to be alive! We sparkle and shine! We play and create out best work! Best meal of my life! Best weather of my life! Photos photos photos! Upgrades! Free queso! Delight!
How do you want to feel after?
MagickaL! powerful! So happy to be sober! In Love With Life and People!

I am a powerful witch. I command:

  • the best night of my life!
  • enthusiasm! energy! bliss! joy! laughter!
  • fun and jokes and new ideas!
  • flirting and playing and magickal connection!
  • best podcast ever! best meditation video ever! best date ever!

I’ve noticed I am nervous and that’s ok. I've noticed I don't want to be TOO MUCH and that's ok. I've noticed I feel insecure and that's ok. I've noticed I want to get fucked up and that's ok. I've noticed I want more MAGICK and that's ok. I've noticed I'm not trusting the process of life and that's OK!!!

I’ve decided to feel good about my life. It’s working itself out. I'm getting everything I wanted! I've decided to feel good about myself. I'm working myself out. I've decided to feel good about other people. They're working themselves out. I've decided to feel good about my body. It's working itself out. I've decided to feel good about interacting with other people. It's working itself out!!

What do I want?

  • To feel confident! A powerful witch! In love with myself!
  • To remember who I am! THE CREATOR!
  • To have singular focus! COUNTING.
  • To feel woken up! Inspired! Awake!
  • To trust the process of life! Say YES!
  • To make my best work and feel the best I've ever felt and have the best night of my life!
  • Breathing in I love myself! Breathing out I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!

I intend

  • To have the best night of my life! To make my best work! To feel the best I've ever felt!
  • to practice loving myself! To have singular focus! TO COUNT
  • to have and BE FUN
  • to be attractive! a money magnet! a miracle! a delight to be around! confident, shining! MAGICKAL!
  • to go with the flow! SAY YES! THANK YOU!
  • to play! to laugh! to joke! to love being me!
  • to be kind and compassionate and understanding
  • to let the flow through me
  • to let what I want come to me!

I pray

  • to stay sober today
  • to let life live me
  • to let go and go with the flow and say yes and thank you
  • to lighten up and not give a fuck!
  • to trust the process of life!
  • for MIRACLES!
  • for creative flow
  • for light and love and laughter! live laugh love lol

I'm switching to the version of reality I prefer. In the reality I prefer,

  • I am in the right place at the right time. I am doing everything right.
  • I am at peace with what is. I trust the process of life. I am letting life live me.
  • I am making my best work. I feel the best I've ever felt. I'm having the best day of my life!
  • I am confident and powerful and magickal and LIGHT!
  • I love myself! I don't give a fuck! I live the magick life! I am a powerful witch!

I love it when

  • I do the work, when I write and focus my attention!
  • I find new music to listen to obsessively
  • I feel attractive and excited and turned on
  • I am in love with myself and my life and the people in it
  • I heal myself
  • I feel better from writing
  • I eat well and exercise and meditate and take care of myself
  • everything works out!
  • I let go of my worries deliberately and see magickal manifestations as a result!
  • Life Lives Me!

I expect to have the best night of my life! I expect miracles!

Dear Jessica,
Relax and celebrate! This is all for you! Love is promised at every turn! Magick surrounds you RIGHT NOW!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.