Jessica Mullen


Jessica Mullen

I feel immensely relieved today because I am reinvigorated about meditation thanks to Autobiography of a Yogi
I already was having a good morning then I took some maeng da thai kratom and I feel beyond great
Shit works
Not exactly the most focused feeling
But such a nice buzz
Calm tranquil
SMoothed out
No liquor required

I am 464 days sober from alcohol and it still feels good
Without alcohol I find so many solutions for dealing with my mind
Endless La Croix

I am so inspired to tame my mind
So inspired to return to my breath
Learning the kriya yoga techniques
Breathe in and say hong
Breathe out and say sau

Listening to Take Care and feeling pretty blissful
Dedicated to meditating every day again
A big client job is wrapping up
We have plenty of work
My biggest contrast is whether or not I should call ameren to investigate the perpetual gas smell

We get to do yard work today
Pulling weeds
Going to plant some tomatoes
Feeling so peaceful
I think my family is doing well
I think my friends are doing well
Keke and I are doing well

I've been cooking so much
Chicken salad
Texas caviar
Whole wheat bread
Fried eggs
Potato scramble
I love having time to cook
I love having a big kitchen
I love living in a big house

Ever since reading this book I am focused on renouncing my worldly ambitions
Just enjoy right now
Stop striving
and just exist
Go within
Now that I remember all the solutions are in meditation
I am devoted to the infinite source within
I am less scared about death
I am at peace since last night I supposed
What a relief

I am excited about building a new website for myself. Keke is going to help me.
I want focus that singular focus please

Floating in the clouds
letting the flow through me
let me practice channeling because i have nothing concrete to say
let go of your judgement of self
let go of your awareness of hunger
relax and enjoy the music
the birds
the breeze

let the flow through you let it come through you
i had a dream about the word welcome

we are welcome

i can relax into this moment and feel the best ive ever felt
i feel good now
i am so relieved to feel good now
i feel self conscious about my website sometimes
who reads this?
i wish i had more focus
i wish i had more focus
i wish i would just be nice to myself

my goal is to be nice to myself
i love myself

i want to focus on breathing
i want to focus on websites
i want to focus on
i love myself
i want to focus on
exercise/ walking/
i want to focus on yoga swinging!

here is a mind map of today's passions:
i love myself
yoga swing
not checking my phone

i am so grateful because i was paid $100 to put two ads on my site for a year. so i got to buy a new pair of vibrams. they're the only shoes i really wear and all mine have holes. so happy to have new shoes. so happy i could pay for them myself and still have money to pay taxes

i am so grateful to have more money than ever. it is such a relief to learn what work i am willing to do for money
and it is such a relief to get paid to do what i want to do
to get paid for my ideas
for my things i made with my mind

i am so grateful to have the most perfect wife

i am just so relieved to read a book that reminded me it's ok to be spiritual, to not strive for material success
i've never wanted material success

i want to be able to pay rent in a city
and be able to buy fresh produce whenever i want
and new shoes when i need them
and birthday gifts

i already have what i want
it's so nice to have what i want

The weather is so beautiful and I feel so blissful. It's so nice to live through the long winter and be here for the amazing spring, it almost makes winter worth it... it is may 12 and it is only 70...

Ok let's pull it together and focus and cast some spells. I love you.

So happy and grateful to be awake and alive! So happy and grateful to feel focused and blissful! So happy and grateful to have plenty of work and plenty of money! SO happy and grateful to feel inspired and invigorated about meditation! So happy and grateful to feel healthy and fit! So happy and grateful to feel excited about yoga! So happy and grateful to feel good about my life here! So happy and grateful to be who I am, making what I want to make!

Wouldn't it be nice to feel more focused in my writing? Wouldn't it be nice to write more articles? Wouldn't it be nice to work on more in depth blog posts for the school? Wouldn't it be nice to stay in this beautiful flow machine we designed for ourselves? Wouldn't it be nice to meditate again later? Wouldn't it be nice to make my best work today? Wouldn't it be nice to laugh at jokes?

I've noticed I feel unfocused and that's ok
I've noticed I feel critical of my work and that's ok!

I've decided to feel good about my work. It's working itself out! I've decided to feel good about my focus. It's working itself out!

What do I want?
To focus on
being at peace with what is
reaching out to family
giving gifts

I intend to have the best day of my life! I intend to focus! I intend to flow machine! I intend to devote all my time and energy to meditation, yoga, websites, cooking, giving, laughing, and exercising. I intend to be the best version of myself. I intend to be light. I intend to focus on my breath. I intend to SWITCH IT UP and get new ideas. I intend to take my meditation videos to new heights. I intend to be at peace with what is.

I pray to stay sober today. I pray for self love and self compassion. I pray for FOCUS and to uplift and inspire.

I'm switching to the version of reality I prefer. In the reality I prefer, I am in the right place at the right time and I'm doing everything right. I am at peace with what is. I am focused on love and peace and joy and websites and yoga and meditation and laughter. Life is working out for me. I am doing my best. I am making my best work. I am letting life live me!

I love it when I garden
I love it when I cook
I love it when I make websites
I love it when I laugh
I love it when I give and share
I love it when I meditate
I love it when I go within
I love it when I focus
I love it when I Create my best work
I love it when I let go of my worries
I love it when life lives me!

I expect this to be the best day of my life
I expect miracles

Dear JEsscia,
Isn't this fun? You are doing everything right! Let it be easy! It's all going to be great from here! You have remembered the secret! The secret is to go within!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.