Prosperity Plan Day 8

Prosperity Plan Day 8 Gathering Momentum

Prosperity Plan Day 8

Prosperity Plan Day 8

My consciousness of the Spirit within me as my unlimited Source is the Divine Power to restore the years the locusts have eaten, to make all things new, to lift me up to the High Road of abundant prosperity. This awareness, understanding and knowledge of Spirit appears as every visible form and experience that I could possibly desire.

We sat twice today, first this morning on the front porch, and then just now this evening in the office. This morning I immediately pulled "being conscious of the spirit within" as the action item of the day. To me, being conscious of the spirit within can mean feeling my body from within, or repeating a mantra, or focusing on my breath. I was feeling a little saucy and went with "Breathing in I love myself Breathing out I don't give a fuck" as my meditation mantra. It was blissful in the sunshine. I loved myself and didn't give a fuck.

I've got a bit of a cold and the second time we sat I was feeling pretty sick. I remembered I could heal myself with meditation so I read the notecard a couple times then went right into chakra meditation. "Breathing in, I bring light into my crown chakra. Breathing out, I activate my crown chakra," and so on, all the while picturing a golden light filling me, making ever cell tingle with health. After activating all the chakras, I repeated "Thank you for healing me," until I got distracted with thoughts.

When I went to heal myself, I could feel myself resisting because I didn't want to have to "do" anything. I want the rest that being sick affords. But I can't stand feeling sick so I'd rather be healed. The rest part I'm still working on, but I'm taking the night off to relax with the wife.

What's my next thought?
I'm tired
It hurts to focus
I am feeling better though
Linty is clawing my knee
That's going to itch later
My lungs burn
This song has got to go
I have to sneeze
I'm so grateful we found a toy for Pwny at the scenic drive.
I'm so grateful we get to do fun Illinois things.
What's my next thought?
I'm bored with this music.
But it's better than anything else I have on this computer.
Ugh I'm nauseated.
Remember when I bragged about my vocabulary to Mike?
Dad was right about taking Latin.
Ok I'm hungry.
WHat's Pwny doing?
WHat's my next thought?
I feel unfulfilled like I wish I could express myself better
but I don't feel well
Thank you for healing me
Thank you for healing me
It's ok It's all going to work out
What's my next thought?
I should return that FB message
but i Don't know how i'll feel tomorrow
Well then I should decide
Thank you for healing me
Without hangovers anything can be fun
Funny how I celebrate not having hangovers so much, then I get sick. Maybe hangovers are a way for people to sneak rest when the world makes it seem like rest is for the lazy.
What's my next thought?
My foot's asleep
I wonder what Kanye is doing
I'm feeling better
Thank you for healing me
Thank you for healing me
I give up
I don't want to try anymore
WHat's my next thought?
Yep my knee itches
Still hungry
Still wondering what Pwny's doing
I feel scattered
A little panicky
Thanks sudafed
But it sure helps me stop sneezing
WHat's my next thought?
I wish I could sing
I can sing
I need to practice
Practice is annoying
I can get better
Pwny is staring at me in the mirror, I got my answer!
I can turn it around
I can choose to focus on what I want
I can choose my next thought
Thank you for healing me
Why is thought technology ... slow? Underdeveloped?
Do other people watch their thoughts and write them down?
What do you think about?
Who are you?
Why are you reading this?
Why am I writing this?
For synthesis, catharsis, release
What's my next thought?
Thank you.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.