Prosperity Plan Day 6

Prosperity Plan Day 6

Prosperity Plan Day 6

Prosperity Plan Day 6

My inner supply instantly and constantly takes on form and experience according to my needs and desires, and as the Principle of Supply in action, it is impossible for me to have any unfulfilled needs or desires.

The theme of the day is "get in the vortex and then..."

I didn't even try to mantra-ify any of today's plan. I was too excited to go back to watching my thoughts. I read the quote a few times, which was daunting because today I was wearing my eye patch (which I wear over my dominant eye during meditation because it's a dedicated time to practice strengthening my lazy eye). Annnywayyy... I repeated "It is impossible for me to have any unfulfilled needs or desires" a few times to myself then went straight into watching the thoughts, which first consisted of, "Why are you repeating a thought that begins with 'It is impossible' when you're just going to forget the rest and here you are creating a reality with impossibilities..."

Watching the thoughts was engrossing the entire time. Almost every thought I verbally labeled and then released. We had the UBR on so my thought process was,

"(Breathing in) Open
What's my next thought?
*Identify and verbally label whatever comes up*
(Breathing out) Release"

It was a little fast but listening to a breath meditation makes it easy to fall in sync. One recurring thought I had was, "I'm scared." And I could see myself as a child whining about how scared I was. An older version of me stood up, looked under a rug and said, "Well, WHAT'S so scary?!" The child me didn't know, and that helped me realize I'm just scared of the unknown.

After witnessing that thought, I saw a light above me, where there were people egging me on to come up to the light. "You're doing everything right!" they yelled.

I identified that vision, released it, and the next thought was me above ground with these people, looking around like "No big deal." Then I remembered I like going first and this whole bleeding-edge-of-reality thing was probably my higher self's big idea anyway.

I like going into the dark then finding my way out. I guess that's why we're here.

What's my next thought
My nose is running
I have to pee
I'm sick of this song
My hands look nice in the sunlight
I wish I had better headphones
I like writing
I like organizing thoughts
And especially stationery for thoughts to live in
I like remembering all of reality is alive
This guy does have a good voice though
Really trying to embrace my goth self
Trying to remember what I was like
I'm allergic to cats
I should get back into breath meditation
Like for real focus on it
Amy I wasting my time
What would I rather be doing
I still want to try meth
Should I even post that on a blog
I will NEVER let my dad tell me what to do
How many tissues are we going to go through
It's 4:44 make a wish!
I wish to know if this is a useful practice
Watching thought
What's my next thought?
God that's so annoying
I wish I could be less annoyed
The day's shot
Are we even going to leave the house before the sun goes down
Why does the sun go down so early here
I wish I could read everyone's thought process
What's my next thought
Just pretend you live in a book
Can't find a book to read? Live the book
This is the tale of...
Is this guy saying "Beautiful Locusts?" That is not my book title.
I am really into being a cross between Eckhart Tolle and Poppy Z. Brite. I am married to it. I am obsessed. I NEED TO BE THIS.
Should I try to focus my attention to trying to be that?
What would the worksheet be?
How can I be like Eckhart Tolle today?
How can I be like Poppy Z. Brite today?
Well now I realize I don't necessarily want to be LIKE Poppy I just want to be like her books. Romantic and dark and full of drugs and blood but not death. Well, an embracing of death and the undead and...
So What's my next thought
I'm disappointed in myself
I just want someone (i.e. my parents) to be proud of me
And here I am
Not on drugs.
Not drunk.
What's my next thought?
It's because it's the end of the cognitive surplus. We can't keep pissing away our extra intelligence into booze and tv.
Who's going to judge me for writing that because I'm judging them?
More coffee. Need more coffee.
Kickstart? Starbucks?
I'm hungry. Waffles!
What's my next thought?
What if someone could really listen to these thoughts?
I realized I can plant thoughts, and they're just as good as the one's that randomly pop up. Need to plant more thoughts.
I love myself! I love myself!
I'm in the right place at the right time!
I'm doing everything right!
I like the dark!
I can handle this!
I can handle anything!
Life always works out for me!
I am taking care of myself!
I am letting life be fun and easy!
There's always plenty!
I deserve everything I desire!
What's my next thought?
I love Nine Inch Nails so much.
Will I ever make music?
Will I ever follow a schedule?
Better load me up another one.
Linty's coat is so beautiful.
What am I doing?
I like exploring my own mind.
I would like to see a printout of what I think. I like to think I can influence the printout. How long can it really be before machines can read our thoughts?
Oooee better get to that transcending thought thing.
What's my next thought?
Tool is a good soundtrack for this.
This is fun. It was enough coffee.
I'm looking for that sense of enough.
That has to be enough. It's enough that I'm looking for enough.
I am enough. I am doing enough. I'm doing enough. I'm doing enough. I'm doing enough. I'm doing enough. I'm doing enough. I'm doing enough. I'm doing enough.
Open! I'm doing enough!
Release! I'm doing enough!
What's your next thought?
Poor Linty's ears. I like watching her and her shadow at the same time.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.