The Surrender Experiment


The Surrender Experiment

I just finished reading Michael Singer's The Surrender Experiment, in which the author decides to stop making decisions based on his internal likes and dislikes, and instead just say yes to whatever the flow of life brings him. The book was deeply moving, because of the constant examples Singer provided regarding his experience. Every single time he put his personal preferences aside and just cooperated with the unfolding of life, life brought him a miracle.

Reading the book made me see how hard it has been for me to surrender lately. I've been very hung up on specific preferences and in a lot of pain when life doesn't go my way. Singer encouraged me to go life's way instead.

For example, there was a stray cat in the front yard yesterday. Six weeks old. Begging for food and water. Wanting to be held and pet! I knew I shouldn't feed it but I couldn't resist. It was so hungry.

It was hot out. The baby kitty started coming in the garage to lay on the cool concrete. My cats weren't very happy about this and spent the whole day in hiding.

I posted about the cat on Facebook. Can someone please adopt her? A friend of mine wanted him and promised to clear it with her husband then pick the cat up.

But the husband said no. It was getting dark and I couldn't keep the kitten inside with my cats. It was beginning to rain.

I put the kitten in the bush tearfully. Our 7yo neighbor was assisting. She picked the kitty back up and said, "I can put her in my garage just for a few minutes to keep her dry."

Within minutes her mom texted saying the cat was in their bathroom, and they were going to look for a home for it. I was beyond relieved.

Then this morning, the neighbors said they were keeping the cat! They took it to the vet, found out it was a healthy 6-week-old boy, and all the world rejoiced!

Because I surrendered to the flow. I let go of my preference of my friend coming to get the cat. I let go of my preference of taking care of the cat for the night. I let go of my preference to rescue baby animals. I let the cat go, and the next instant, able hands picked him up.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.