Daily Meditation – Ascend

Daily Meditation – Ascend

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Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Welcome back to the best day of your life! Welcome back to the present moment where all of your power lies.

Breathe in and lighten up because life isn’t serious
Breathe out and don’t give a fuck because life isn’t serious!

Breathe in and be here now
Breathe out and relax your body

You have the power to shift your perspective from hate to love, from anger to passion, from depression to joy, right now in this moment.

Breathe in and remember your power.
Breathe out and focus your attention right here in this moment

You have the power to wake up in the dream right here, right now. When you wake up in the dream, you step into the present moment. You remember your natural well being and life feels good again.

Breathe in and let life feel good today
Breathe out and decide to be light today

You are a leader. You are leading by your example. You are here to shine. You are here to help people. You are here to love and you are here to have fun!

Breathe in and smile because life is just for fun!
Breathe out and don’t give a fuck about your mistakes! Who cares! It’s all forgotten. There’s only this moment right here right now.

Breathe in and smile because life loves you
Breathe out and smile because you have control over how you feel.

You get to choose, when you notice yourself feeling bad, you get to choose to move up instead of forward.

Breathe in and move up
Breathe out and ascend

You get to choose to look at how you feel right now. Ask yourself “How do I feel?” I feel a little anxious. Next, ask yourself, “How can I move up instead of forward?” You zoom out to look at your emotion and just by looking at it you transmute it into love and you ascend into heaven.

Breathe in and ascend into heaven
Breathe out and wake up in the dream. This is the heaven you’ve been looking for! Right here, right now. Your life. This moment already is the way you want it to be.

Breathe in and relax your mind.
Breathe out and remember only your thoughts can make you feel bad.

Choose right now—choose a mantra that you’re going to think today instead of going into negative thought spirals. As soon as you catch yourself caught up in your thoughts, go back to your mantra. You can try

Breathing in I love myself
Breathing out I don’t give a fuck!


Breathing in I know I’m breathing in
Breathing out I know I’m breathing out


Thank you!

Choose your mantra. Let this be your point of power today. Let yourself step outside of your mind today into the present moment, which is already the heaven you’ve been looking for. Life’s already the way you want it to be in the present moment.

Breathe in and say YES!
Breathe out and say THANK YOU!

You’re in the right place at the right time and you’re doing everything right. You are shining. You are leading with your example. Only your thoughts can make you feel bad. It’s the only barrier to entering the heaven that is the present moment.

Breath in and connect to your natural well being
Breathe out and feel confident in yourself and your ability to manage your own emotions—your ability to tune your magnet to attract whatever you want to attract.

Breathe in and say “I love myself!”
Breathe out and say “I don’t give a fuck about those negative thoughts. They don’t matter. I’m not going to let them pull me out of the present moment today. Today I am waking up in the dream. Today I am ascending. And so are you!”

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.