20 Things I Learned from 90 Days Sober

20 Things I Learned from 90 Days Sober

I'm 90 days sober. I feel pretty great. I have learned to deal with a lot of things that previously I required alcohol for. Simple things like working and going out to eat. I am writing this in case you are curious about the experience of being sober. It's inspired by Recovery Princess's list.

20 things I learned in the first 90 days being sober

  1. People will follow your example.
  2. Sobriety is not a magic solution to your problems, but now you can slowly let your problems go.
  3. Your desire to self-medicate will manifest elsewhere.
  4. You will sleep well every night.
  5. You will have no more regrets.
  6. You will follow through on projects that would previously had driven you to drink and half-ass.
  7. You will become less anxious. The alcohol seems like it created a lot of the anxiety I experienced.
  8. You will judge others, so hard. But at least you'll be conscious of your judging.
  9. You will be infinitely more curious, because what else can you do?
  10. Sex is better.
  11. Deep connection with others is now possible.
  12. Congratulations! You have a memory again!
  13. You look slimmer, feel lighter, and enjoy exercise. Never having to skip a run because you're hungover is the BEST.
  14. Fucking hangovers are GONE! FUCK HANGOVERS! So many feelings of guilt and shame GONE!
  15. Your friends stop caring about you not drinking. You get to keep your friends. It's awesome.
  16. You can make healthier choices more often because you're not always hungover and craving junk.
  17. You will miss the spontaneity that comes with drinking, but slowly you'll develop a capacity to be sober and uninhibited if you want it. Follow your excitement.
  18. Your creative output is on 12.
  19. You are saving so much money.
  20. You will finally get better at hooping. And singing. And playing piano. And running a business. Because you're not stuck in the mud, spinning your wheels, drinking because you're scared, scared because you're drinking.
Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.
  • emily s.

    oh i love this!
    i haven’t been to your site in way too long…but i definitely relate to this post! especially 14 & 17. and i find 10 & 11 are very intertwined. i think that has been the hardest thing for me…learning how to lessen my inhibitions with my partner without alcohol to help me. i am so guarded and alcohol let me fake openness and intimacy. i’m learning how to navigate without that crutch now and it is freaking hard! but so worth it. 4 & 19 are great perks too :D best of wishes to you <3333

  • jessica mullen

    So nice to hear from you Emily!!! That inhibition thing is tricky, but I agree, the practice pays off! xoxoxox

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