Daily Meditation – Fun and Easy

Daily Meditation – Fun and Easy

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Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Welcome back to the present moment. Welcome back to the lucid dream. Welcome back.

Breathe in and lighten up
Breathe out and say thank you for this moment

Allow yourself to calm down and listen to what source is telling you.

Breathe in and open up to receiving
Breathe out and tune yourself to the frequency of love

Allow yourself to calm down. Allow yourself to feel grounded to the earth.

Breathe in and feel peaceful.
Breathe out and be at peace with what is

Life already is exactly the way you want it to be. You get to choose from that perspective or not.

Breathe in and choose
Breathe out and relax your body

Decide right now to make peace with whatever is.

Breathe in and decide to feel good regardless of your circumstances
Breathe out and remember who you are: You are god in human form.

Breathe in and be kind to yourself because even if you’re god you’re still human!
Breathe out and remember you are so loved

Breathe in and be here now
Breathe out and listen for clues

Bring all of your attention into this moment right here right now, away from the past, away from the future, away from other people you’re thinking about. All that matters is you in this moment.

Breathe in and remember you are magickal
Breathe out and feel relaxed

You don’t have to worry about other people. You don’t have to feel responsible for every little thing.

Breathe in and pull your aura back in around you
Breathe out and remember your only job is to feel good and have fun!

Breathe in and feel relieved
Breathe out and feel light

When you die, what do you want your life to mean? When I die, all I want to be remembered for is being fun, having fun, knowing my life was just for fun.

Breathe in and remember we’re just here for this moment!
Breathe out and relax

All you have to worry about is this moment. How can you have fun in this moment. How can you feel that flutter of excitement in your heart? Just by relaxing and letting your thoughts go. Just by remembering you are the creator. Just by remembering you can give yourself the love that you want from others.

Breathe in and say “I love and accept myself exactly the way I am”
Breathe out and remember that your flaws are what make you special. Your flaws—they’re going to come back one day and you will understand why they’re there. You’re going to embrace them. All those times you forgot to pay that bill or couldn’t lose that 10 lbs or you were broke again or you accidentally hurt someone’s feelings—it’s all part of the master plan! None of it matters and it all is weaving together a beautiful tapestry of your life.

Breathe in and decide to feel good regardless of your circumstances
Breathe out and celebrate who you are

You’re in the right place at the right time. Let yourself begin to feel confident.

Breathe in and say “I love myself”
Breathe out and say “I don’t give a fuck about anything in the past. I don’t give a fuck what you think. I don’t give a fuck about the future. All I care about is this moment right now, loving myself and having fun.”

When you love yourself, you have fun, and when you have fun, you’re loving yourself! Isn’t that neat?

Breathe in and remember life isn’t serious!
Breathe out and decide to love yourself today

Breathe in and focus your attention
Breathe out and let your mantra today be: “Fun and easy”

Today is fun and easy! Im fun and easy! Life is fun and easy! Cooking is fun and easy! Loving is fun and easy! Not caring about what other people think is fun and easy!

Breathe in and let life be fun and easy today
Breathe out and let yourself be fun and easy

You are the creator and you came here to have fun.

Breathe in and relax
Breathe out and celebrate how far you’ve come

You are an attractive magnet bringing to you everything that you desire. The most beautiful part is you don’t need those things to feel good because you are your reason for feeling good. You love yourself. You’re giving yourself the love you want. Now the world has no choice but to reflect that love back to you in your life experience!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.