Daily Meditation – Peaceful Power

Daily Meditation – Peaceful Power

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Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Relax and remember you’re in the right place at the right time. You don’t have to worry. You don’t have to feel fear about where you are. Know that this is the right place for you. This is your time.

Breathe in and enjoy your contrast.
Breathe out and let your worries go.

Today, decide to embrace your contrast. Embrace the things you don’t like about your life. Embrace your problems. Fall in love with your problems. Then they won’t be problems anymore.

Breathe in and open up to receiving
Breathe out and smile!

Breathe in and lift yourself up
Breathe out and empty your mind

What you want is coming to you, but only when you feel as good as you would if you already had it. Forget about your desires, forget about where you want to be. Let yourself enjoy right now. Let yourself fall in love with right now.

Breathe in and make peace with what is
Breathe out and smile!

Life is good and it’s not serious! We can lighten up now. It’s just for fun.

Breathe in and say “I love myself!”
Breathe out and say, “I don’t give a fuck!”

Whatever problems you may have, let yourself love them. Whatever problems you may have, let yourself be at peace with them today. If you think someone’s mad at you, say, “I love it when you’re mad at me!” And try to really feel what it would feel like to love it. Or, if there’s tension in your home, say to yourself, “I love it when there’s tension in my home.” You don’t have to say why you love it, you don’t have to know why you love it. Just try to feel the feeling of love for your problems.

Breathe in and say YES!
Breathe out and say THANK YOU!

When you love your contrast, you embrace it. You accept it. When you accept your contrast, you’re no longer trying to push it away. You already know what you resist, persists. When you dislike something about your life and you keep wanting to push it away, you just bring it closer. The most practical way to deal with your contrast is just to enjoy it, accept it, embrace it, welcome it into your life.

Breathe in and see your problems aren’t a big deal
Breathe out and let your problems just wash away like a drop of water on a windshield.

This is your show. This life is serving you. This world is serving you. All of the people in it are supporting characters in your life story. Rise up and feel confident! Be strong! Be the person you know you can be today.

Breathe in and feel refreshed
Breathe out and feel confident

Feel powerful! If your problems don’t bother you anymore, you’ve found the key to life. If you can accept where you are with love, you’ve already won. You already have the upper hand.

Breathe in and embrace your struggles. They make you who you are.
Breathe out and remember when you make peace with your struggles, they work themselves out.

You’re always going to have another problem. You’re always going to have more contrast. That’s the nature of life. Contrast makes you ask for what you want. You couldn’t create new things if you didn’t see what you don’t want. Ask yourself, what is the contrast making you ask for?

Breathe in and celebrate this beautiful day!
Breathe out and celebrate how far you’ve come

You don’t have to care what other people think. You don’t have to worry about the future. You don’t have to try to solve your problems. You can relax and enjoy every aspect of your life as it is right now.

Breathe in and open up to receiving
Breathe out and feel your attitude shifting

You feel confident. You feel powerful. You are above the drama of the three-dimensional world. Today you are rising above. You are ascending. Step back and zoom out. Look at your contrast from the greater perspective. It’s just a silly little drama playing out for fun. You don’t have to let it affect you.

Whatever you contrast may be, you can use it.You can feed yourself creatively. Whatever gets you down, whatever problems you may have, use this day to transmute them into power and love and art and joy. You have the power to transmute anything into anything because you’re a magician—you’re god in human form and you came here to have fun.

Breathe in and have fun!
Breathe out and relax because you are the creator.

If you are the creator, it must be safe for you to enjoy your life now. If you are the creator, you get to choose how you feel. If you get to choose how you feel, you can have so much influence on the world around you.

Whatever feeling it is that you want, take this opportunity to practice it. You are a magnet and what you put out into the world, you get back.

Breathe in and choose how you want to feel
Breathe out and project that signal right now

You are peaceful power and you are free to enjoy your life exactly as it is.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.