A Potion for Personal Power

A Potion for Personal Power

jessica mullen

Hi, I’m Jessica, and I’m a witch. I’m not a traditional witch by any means–I believe witchcraft is making magick in any way one sees fit. I don’t follow pagan holidays, I don’t worship specific deities and I avoid spiritual labels. I make my own rules and rituals and design my own tools for manifestation. I like to refer to my type of witchery as “living the magick life,” which means dreaming big, trusting the process of life, and training one’s mind to see the miracle we’re already living.

American Witch Magazine approached me to write an article for their site, and my wife asked me what I was going to write about. I told her probably my recent sobriety, to which she responded, “Boring! Wouldn’t you rather write about something other than deprivation?”

Her reply brings me to my topic, which is, DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS OR SAYS.

Sobriety isn’t necessary to the practice of witchcraft, but when I recently reached alcoholism of epic proportions, I made a decision to dry out and see life more clearly. Every single day I had been sick with hangovers, and drunken evenings left no time for spiritual work.

I was drinking myself dry of personal power. I was drinking to gloss over my irritations with others. I was drinking to numb myself to things I didn’t like. I was drinking because I thought other people wanted me to. I was drinking because I was bored. I was drinking because I always drank. I was drinking because I was scared. I was drinking because I thought I couldn’t have fun any other way.

So when my life coach helped me come to the decision to sober up 18 days ago, I felt so relieved. Finally! I won’t be hungover every day! Finally, I’ll remember my evenings! I won’t hate getting out of bed every day!

I don’t give a fuck if you drink or not. And I’m not saying I’ll never drink again. But what this short time of sobriety has taught me is that to be a witch and practice magick, you cannot GIVE A FUCK WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK! There will always be naysayers and haters and people threatened by YOU DOING YOU. There will always be bad influences and people who drain your energy. Who cares? You don’t have to give a fuck about them!

My personal power comes from stepping outside of my mind and connecting to source energy. It comes from seeing from a larger perspective and going with the flow. It comes from trusting that life loves me and I’m in the right place at the right time. It comes from my awareness of my connection to infinite intelligence, or god if you like to call it that.

Drinking was draining my personal power, and now I have more than ever. But I never could have stopped drinking if I took other people’s opinions into consideration.

Hi, I’m Jessica, and I’m a witch. And I don’t give a fuck about what you think.

(P.S. To my sweet wife, I love you and thank you for the article inspiration ;-)

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.