Daily Meditation – We Came Here to Have Fun

Daily Meditation – We Came Here to Have Fun

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Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Relax into the perfect timing that is your life. Allow yourself to forget about your plans, your to do list, your worries. Let yourself forget the feeling of rushing. Imagine you’re on a beach, and you don’t have anywhere to go. It’s just you and the view and your little cooler next to you, maybe some other person you want there. You have no plans. You have no deadlines. You have no obligations. You have no demands.

Breathe in and feel that sense of peace of not having to do anything
Breathe out and know you can carry that peace with you in your daily life

Breathe in and let go of your worries
Breathe out and remember your only job is to enjoy this moment right now

Breathe in and lift yourself up. You’re perfect and you’re in the right place at the right time!
Breathe out and relax. You are under no obligations to anyone. You get to do whatever you want!

Let yourself feel peace. Let yourself feel the feeling of being safe and calm, not having to go anywhere or do anything. Just relaxed, here, now, enjoying being alive.

Breathe in and celebrate this breath. You get to be here!
Breathe out and be your reason for feeling good. Let your breath be your reason for feeling good.

You can feel good just because you’re breathing.

Breathe in and feel calm
Breathe out and open your connection to source

What does it feel like to be connected to source, to be tethered to the unknown, the infinite, to god? What does it feel like to be aware that inside of you there is a connection to god? You can feel this connection any time. The more of your attention you place on this connection instead of the outside world, the more peace you will feel, the more magickal your experience, the more love you’ll project.

Breathe in and imagine your connection to source
Breathe out and know you are safe, you are always safe no matter what happens in this world

You are infinite. You are divine. This is just a fun game, an exciting journey. We came here to have fun. Now today, you get to have fun!

Breathe in and invite fun into your life
Breathe out and say thank you for all of the gifts in your reality today

Say thank you for your health and your home, your friends and your family, your work, your breath.

Breathe in and smile because this really is the best day of your ilife
Breathe out and feel that connection to source

Feel it growing stronger and bigger. The more aware of this connection you are, the better you’ll feel. The more attention you keep on the divinity inside, the more the outside world will reflect it.

Breathe in and celebrate how far you’ve come
Breathe out and enjoy this moment right there right now

You created this for yourself, to enjoy, to have fun with, to relax into

You created this moment for the pleasure of creating. Your only responsibility today is to relax and enjoy this moments you created for yourself.

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.