Life Coaching Session #1

Life Coaching Session #1

My coach first had me visualize a safe place.

It was a beach, contained in a transparent cube. It was night time. The sand was made out of gems. It was kind of like Second Life. I could do acrobatics all over the place, as if the air was water. The stars were so bright.

Cory suggested I meet my captain. One’s captain is the guide within.

In my visualization, a little girl walked toward me. She had pigtails, and swirly blue stars for eyes. Her name was Porcupine.

Porcupine gave me a digital flower, kind of like one you would see in a Mario game. Porcupine told me the flower would charge me up any time I needed it. Charge you with what? Cory asked. ENTHUSIASM! I exclaimed.

Porcupine told me I’m already free.

Cory and I talked about money, and how frustrated I feel about it. How annoying it is to have the thought of money weighing on me all day every day.

She had me imagine a situation where I had to “sit this one out” because I didn’t have the money. I imagined sitting on the sidelines at happy hour. I felt unliked, and left out.

But then she asked what Porcupine would tell me to do. “Have fun and stop looking at them!” Porcupine reminded me that what I want would come to me if I didn’t care so much. She reminded me of the feeling of excitement, where I create my own fun. Because I’m fun. Then I don’t need money anyway. Go drink your drinks. Me and Porcupine are having fun.

Then the happy hour would come to me as a gift. Or I would have the money. It’s not about money.

Porcupine reminded me that if it’s meant to be, it will be.


And that is where the coaching left off. Where is trust lacking? What’s missing around the willingness to trust?

My homework: answer the questions in an image (pictured below).


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