Daily Meditation – You Can Always Ask for a Miracle

Daily Meditation – You Can Always Ask for a Miracle

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Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Welcome back. Welcome back to the now.

Breathe in and relax.
Breathe out and relax.

Allow your attention to focus on this moment.

Breathe in and listen for the flow
Breathe out and remember the flow always knows

You’re always in the right place at the right time.

Breathe in and lighten up! It’s not serious!
Breathe out and start feeling little tickles of excitement about your day

Breathe in and open up to receiving
Breathe out and say thank you to your body, for your health, say thank you to this world, to the ground that’s holding you up

Breathe in and feel better already
Breathe out and just smile

Allow yourself to concentrate on this moment. Allow yourself to step back and observe your thoughts. When you observe your thoughts, imagine them as a parade going by. You don’t have to get up and join the parade. You can just watch it go by. And as you watch it go by, your thoughts—the members of the parade—will slow down, becoming fewer and farther between, allowing you to relax and be here now.

Breathe in and watch the parade of thoughts go by
Breathe out and remember you are not your thoughts

You don’t have to judge yourself for what you think. They’re not you. You are perfect. You are god in human form. Thoughts just happen, they’re just a reflection of how you feel.

Breathe in and lift yourself up!
Breathe out and feel lighter

The longer you can go watching your thoughts, slowing them down, the better you’ll feel. The better you feel, the better-feeling thoughts you’ll attract. You don’t have to think yourself into a good mood, you don’t have to find a thought that feels good. You can just step outside of your thoughts, and watch them go by and watch your mood increase.

Breathe in and say “I love myself”
Breathe out and feel at peace.

Just watch your thoughts go by. Try it right now.

Breathe in and feel relaxed
Breathe out and celebrate synchronicity

Celebrate all the winks the universe is giving you. You’re on the right path. You’re doing everything right. Relax. Step away from your thoughts. Whatever you’re thinking, you don’t have to think it. It’s just like a thing attracted to your vibration. You don’t have to pick it up.

Breathe in and smile! This is the best day of your life and it’s only going to get better
Breathe out and say thank you

Say thank you for this breath. You’re still breathing. Life is only going to get better from here.

Breathe in and celebrate how far you’ve come
Breathe out and let go of your fears

Today, allow yourself to be fearless. If watching the parade doesn’t work for you, try the mantra: “Be fearless!” Then you’ll notice it’s just your thoughts making you scared.

Breathe in and be the master of your mind
Breathe out and feel excited because there’s an opportunity to practice in every moment.

In every moment you can step outside of your mind and see that you are divine and you have access to infinite intelligence and you are connected to love and god! You can always draw upon the flow. You can always ask for a miracle. You can always trust the universe.

Breathe in and trust that what you need will always come to you
Breathe out and know that whatever comes to you is what you need

You’re in the right place at the right time and everything’s working out for you. You can relax now. You can go have fun now!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.