Daily Meditation – Everything Is Already Taken Care Of

Daily Meditation – Everything Is Already Taken Care Of

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Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Breathe in and raise your vibration!
Breathe out and release your resistance.

Welcome back. Welcome to this present moment, where everything is fun and there’s nothing to worry about.

Breathe in and be still.
Breathe out and say “I love myself”

You can relax now. You can let yourself enjoy this moment. In this moment, everything is already taken care of. In this moment you have everything you need.

Breathe in and feel powerful!
Breathe out and smile!

You are the creator. You can let this day be easy and fun. Today you can allow yourself to enjoy life.

Breathe in and feel grateful that you even got to be here!
Breathe out and celebrate how far you’ve come!

You’re such a success. You’re doing everything right. You’re doing a great job.

Breathe in and let your thoughts go
Breathe out and let go of those thoughts about what other people think about you. It doesn’t matter.

Breathe in and relax your body
Breathe out and say thank you to your body

Breathe in and say thank you for this breath
Breathe out and send out your love to everyone who you know needs it

You are so powerful. Every single day, you’re waking up more and more. Every single day in every single way, everything’s going more and more your way.

Breathe in and open up
Breathe out and smile

This moment was made just for you. This moment was crafter by unimaginable forces, for you to enjoy, just for the sake of enjoyment.

Breathe in and enjoy right now.
Breathe out and remember the only thing that could ever make you feel bad is your thoughts.

Breathe in and empty your mind.
Breathe out and don’t care about what anyone else thinks.

You create what other people think. If you’re not thinking about it, they’re not thinking of you.

Breathe in and lighten up
Breathe out and feel excited

The best is yet to come.

Breathe in and be still
Breathe out and smile

Feel the light of the universe pouring down on you, blessing you in every moment, including right now.

Breathe in and feel the light of the universe on you
Breathe out and know that the universe or life or god is always part of you. In fact it is you.

Breathe in and feel safe
Breathe out and remember it’s just for fun

Breathe in and be light
Breathe out and let it unfold

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.