Glacial Life Design Methodology

Glacial Life Design Methodology


It's ok to take a calm approach.
You don't have to take any action.
You can let it unfold.

You can be slow. You can be a snail, a turtle.
You can be a glacier.
It's ok to go slow.

The more still you are, the more you see.
The more still you can be, the more you can move.
You can be slow.
You can let it come to you.

People are trained to be aggressive.
Go after it! Chase your dreams! Burn yourself out!

Just relax. There is no rush.

You can be a poet in an instant.
You can be slow and let your best work drop from your fingertips like low hanging fruit.

Suddenly you are a goddess, because even though you are a glacier
You are suddenly already doing what you wanted to be doing
Once you slow down
Once you stop being mad
You see you're getting what you wanted.

You can be slow.
You can let your art unfold
Instead of ripping it out like pages of a phonebook!
There is no deadline
We are here forever!

When you don't know
Just love on someone else's work
What you appreciate grows in value
When you appreciate you grow in value

Your art is suddenly there because you took one step
The only step that matters is the one right now

Log into your ftp
and walk away

Look at your website
and walk away

1. Think about what you want.
2. Return to the present moment.

All you have to do is want to want
"I want to want to create
I want to want to work on my website
I want to feel inspired"

Then return to the present moment
Where everything is fun and there's nothing to worry about

Drop the desire, check it off your to do list.
And the universe will do it for you.

It will put the files back in your folder.
It will give you the perfect idea.
It will provide you with rest when you need to incubate
Even if incubation takes years!
We are here forever!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.