Food Is Medicine: White Onion Ear Infection Cure

Food Is Medicine: White Onion Ear Infection Cure

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Kelly had a really bad earache and she's not the type to go to the doctor. I did some brief googling, gathered that most earaches don't need to be treated with antibiotics, and that there are tons of home remedies that will lessen pain and help the infection heal faster.

The day before Kelly got sick, we had gone to the store. I picked up one white onion, "in case we want to make something." Wouldn't you know it, a lot of people online suggested onion-based ear infection treatments.

Crying in pain with a swollen face and unable to talk or swallow, Kelly agreed to try this onion juice treatment I found:

  1. Bake whole onion in oven at 450º (no need to preheat), until warm. A small onion takes 15 minutes, a big one more like 25.
  2. Cut in half and allow to cool enough to handle. Squeeze the juice out of one half of the onion, into a small dish. I found the most juice towards the outer layers.
  3. Suck the juice into a pipette or eye dropper. Drop 2-3 drops in the infected ear, 2-3 times a day. Place the other half of the onion on the infected ear and put a towel over it. The heat and onion fumes help draw out the infection. Remove your onion earmuff once it cools completely.

Kelly's ear felt better instantly, and she was able to talk again within 15 minutes of the drops. After a day and a half of onion juice drips, she is cured!

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.