Reality Design

Reality Design


I am the creator of my reality. What shall I create today?

What do you want?
To be a peaceful easy going hula hooper hippie. To run 7 miles casually and effortlessly--to get my ass to the gym without resisting. For my muscles to be recovered. To eat well. To lose 20 pounds. To see my friends. To drink without feeling guilty. To have fun without drinking. To be here now. To hoop and play and not worry. To celebrate how far I've come. To get along with Kelly. To feel better and better as the day goes on. To take care of myself. To have beginner's mind. To trust the flow and process of life. To dance freely. To feel the flow through my body. To let life live me. To work on a poster design. To do something different with my meditations. To take advantage of my natural creativity and playfulness. To be the best version of myself I can be. TO SHINE. Without trying.

What would you do if you just got a million dollar deposit in your bank account?

$960 Nails every 2 weeks
$700 Lighter, faster bike
$2500 Macbook Pro
$1000 Adobe software
$750 iPhone 6+
$500 iPad
$500 Canon Rebel
$2000 December Vegas trip
$2000 Phoenix plane tickets and accommodations
$200 Luggage
$100 LED hoop
$300 Essential oils
$300 Rent a Hummer
$2000 New wardrobe from Nordstrom & Dolls Kill
$1000 Dentist
(That's only $14,810...)

What's your dream creative project?
A journal/planner! That has all our worksheets redesigned, with empty pages for writing, and a calendar for each month...

Perfect bound from Lulu... or like a moleskine, leatherbound
Vision board/wishlist (already redesigned!)
Goals for the year (Dream bigger...)


It's a couple hours later. I actually started working on the damn ding. I've been working on this project so long it actually seems effortless now. I know what my next step is. I am so

I am remembering what it felt like to be a graphic designer
i had to find some concepts worth designing/communicating.

Kelly and I are both idea people. We love to scheme and dream and I adore making lists. But execution (ie sitting at the computer and completing projects) was never something we cared about.

I think we just didn't know what to believe in yet
So now I have something I believe in
It's not a music festival poster
It's not a wedding invitation
It's not a website
It's not a business card
It's not a menu
It's not a

It's a magickal spell book. A Manifestation Manual. It's the result of 4 years of research into positive thinking and practical application thereof.

Kelly and I have been designing resources to help focus one's attention on what one wants and wants more of, ever since the first School of Life Design lesson. We've hand-drawn dozens of worksheets. I've made self love workbooks and magickal rehab workbooks and pocket-packs for manifesting.

So anyway now that I'm talking all about it, I'm asking myself, why am I writing about it when I could be designing it? The answer is because I have a daily practice of writing 1000 words, published on my site. Not that I do it every single day but it's a goal.

SO THAT'S WHY I AM WRITING THIS OK. I'm just really excited guys.

I just reread some old School of Life Design materials and remembered my whole thesis of "lifestreaming is a life design methodology." So now I get to ask how to incorporate lifestreaming into this planner. And I'm letting that answer come to me.

Relax, the solution will find you when you are not worried about it, not focused on not having it.

It is 4:15 and Kelly and I have to do 7.7 miles today. The gym closes at 10 so the latest we can really leave here is 7... I am just so grateful to feel good about writing.

I am so grateful to be at peace with what is, and happy with what I have. I am so grateful that my life is making more and more sense to me. I am so grateful for angel investors. I am so grateful to feel excited about life. I am so grateful I am letting go more and more. I am so grateful for headphones and new projects.

I am so grateful to feel READY! After all this time, I feel READY!

October is my time.

I am so grateful for my pretty hands and for my health and for my wife. I am so grateful for materials to design with. I am so grateful I checked out my credit report and it looks perfect. I am so grateful to feel good about life. I am so grateful life is taking care of me. I am so grateful to like where I am. I am so grateful to be VERY EXTREMELY EXCITED ABOUT DESIGN.

OOoooh so back to the planner. What are two-three things inspiring the visual aesthetic?

What comes to mind:
hula hoops/flow toys/led lights
gothic art/occult aesthetic
hello kitty diaries

ok so that's that. AHHHH I could scream

What is my next step? The cover comes last. I have a loose layout, pictured in the moleskine I'm holding above. I think I'll redraw the layout, make some final decisions on what goes where. Ooh and I'll make a visual mood board on Pinterest using my pins I already have. I have so many of those three inspirations already.

I'll get back to you when I have a final layout and my mood board. Thanks to tuning into Jessica's design process. Byeeee

Jessica Mullen
Living the magick life.